Wonderful list of Blah Busters Sharon!! Your shawl is just beautiful - I'm anxiously awaiting the bind-off because I dread making a shawl like that for fear I'll bind off too tightly! Though I have made two shawls of exactly that sort and I had no trouble. I'm weird. :)

Happy Almost-February! XOXOX


Last February I was so sick for 10 days I didn't leave my house, and too sick to stand up longer than a few minutes for the entire 4 weeks. I'm with you on changing that history.

The good thing is that last year I was sick in December and January, too... and so far those first 2 months have been different this year.

I'm renewing my commitment to at least 10 minutes a day of dancing or walking, to strengthen my bones which are not good enough for someone my age.

I'm also planning to do taxes earlier than in previous years, and to otherwise resist worry as much as possible. I like my new system of using MS Outlook's to-do list, which comes up with reminders if I go past a deadline. Maybe I'll remember more stuff before it becomes a worry/hassle now.

And with that, I'm signing off to do something on my to-do list.


Coincidence: I was rummaging around last evening amongst the bags of UFOs and came across the Ocean Waves Shawl, which I had put aside for some forgotten reason. I love the pattern, I love the fiber (Cherrytree Hill DK weight, I think, in a lovely colorway called Peacock), so I don't know why it's been sitting lonely and unfinished.
So I spent a couple hours happily knitting away on it. I was surprised and delighted to find that I had put it away with the starting point clearly identified! How's that for a miracle?


Thanks for this, Sharon. It cheers me just knowing that someone else goes through the same thing at this time of year.


I'm not taking action on February because January is my month of horrors...and it's over! But I will definitely be defying January 2010. (Of course, I have such big plans for 2009 that I'll probably have to carry them through to the next year...)

Amanda Grieshop

What am I doing to defy February, you ask? I am sitting on my ass trying NOT to have a premature baby! And I am knitting a baby blanket I was excited about, but am now getting a little bored with.
I am also feeling stupid that I missed Franklin Habit at Threadbear last weekend. And I am wanting to be knitting with friends while sitting on my ass trying NOT to have a premature baby.
Sorry for the not-so-light-hearted comment. You asked!


You certainly have a wonderful game plan! And when I saw your shawl on Facebook, I just had to link to your blog immediately and read-up!

I know I'm in the minority when I say that I've been really enjoying this winter and all of the lovely snow and cold. So, I tend to celebrate November to March (and if we're lucky, clear into April). I also tend to get headaches and become lethargic when the temperature climbs above 75.

But, just for you, may I point out that February is the shortest month?


I love your shawl! Good for you on getting plans down to combat February head on.

I don't know why, but this year - winter isn't bothering me. I am okay with it. I think it is because I am so far behind in everything - my February blahs will arrive in March. Rest assured March will be just as cold and snowy. :-)


Your list is so inspiring! And the shawl is so lovely. I can't wait to see the yellow yarn turn into something beautiful for spring.


You are one smart lady!! I might have to stop and buy flowers on my way home tonight.
; )


And actually, with your #5 strategy for luxury, the word is massage can also help boost your immune system. So luxuriate away!

And take zicam. I am loving it. The fast dissolve tabs. Knock wood, no sicky so far. :)

I've discovered that I have picked far too bland of colors for February knitting.


I'm late to the party but my recipe is inviting friends over for dinner. We do a lot of potlucks out here because for most of the winter no restaurants are open. It's fun and cheap. A good hike from time to time keeps my spirits up, too. And the anti-sick? I wash my hands a lot. sounds lame but maybe it's working. Enjoy the flowers and yarn goodness!

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