Susan (Plum Texan)

If I can get my tendinitis to cooperate? First socks, for one thing. And the start of a rather complicated lace stole for another.

If I can't get my left hand to stop burning after a mere two rows? Learning another hold or technique that doesn't make it hurt so much. I'm losing a lot of time here. :)

Non-knitting? Helping my husband get his feet under him for good swing dancing. Looking fan-damn-tastic at a friend's wedding. Getting my lonely kitty girl a younger sister.

And letting my mom drive me *less* crazy. :D


I'm excited to hear your mom is doing better - that's great! Me? Just finishing a few UFOs...


First of all, let me say that DST confuses me. Gets me every time! I just want to keep the clocks the same year round. I do love having more sunshine this week, though. My goals for spring/ I want to start the new gardens at our new home.

Laura Lou

I would keep DST all year since I do love it. Glad your mom is better. It is a relief when they bounce back.
NOW the gift sock Unfortunately it is not for me but I know who and she will love it. Looks like her colors too.
GOOD JOB. See you Wed!


I'm a DST person too. It's great to see have sunlight at 7 pm!!

Pat K

We don't do DST out here in AZ. Fine by me. Glad to here the pneumonia is on the way out. And I'm just trying to keep myself from starting more projects. (A losing battle.)

dirty sue

i am just about adjusted.........well, to the time change at least. not so sure about anything else.


I LOVE DST! Love it. Love days that seem like hours longer. I wouldn't mind one bit if the clocks stayed just as they are now, all year though.

My dreams for today anyway are just to get rid of this damn cough and get back to getting some exercise. And maybe a littler more knitting, spinning and sewing.


Personally, I can live with 12 pairs of socks half-knit and waiting for someday. I know I will get back to them in due time.

I'm less comfy with partly knit vests/tops (I have 3 now and one is a few years old). Knitting this sort of project requires me to sit still and do nothing else. I usually knit in public so I do simple tubes in stockinette (sometimes colorwork) most of the time. Tops languish.

But right now, I am not allowing any dreams for new projects. I have several patterns to write and taxes to do, a computer project for my mom and a website update for a friend. I need to catch up on the to-do list before I burst from the stress.

Only new socks in fat yarns are allowed now, the knitting for in public when nothing else can be done. And I started a pair last week which are 3/4 done already (aran weight). That tells you how little time I've been home this week, I guess!

Enjoy the choosing. With all the new summer yarns, I would adore picking a tank top right about now. Maybe later.

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