Pat K

The scale will probably not be kind. It never is. I won't be cooking Thanksgiving dinner either, although I will be helping out of course. Thanksgiving is Hubby's holiday to plan, organize, and cook...after I shop for it all, of course. No sweaters on the needles, but I'm determined to change that soon. Have a great holiday!


Ah, sweaters. I only have one on the needles, but I'm having a problem wanting to do enough mindless stockinette to get it finished. This hasn't prevented me from gathering up the supplies to knit a few more, though.

I haven't had the time lately to start multiple projects, so my UFO list is actually pretty short -- uncharacteristically so. My USO (un-started) list is another matter, however. I think it reaches halfway to the moon by now.

Happy Turkey to you!


I love that dress for Abby!


I have Erin from Hot Knits, Celtic Dreams, Candle Lace from Vogue, Mr Greenjeans from knitty, and Hues Horizontal from Knitters. And in Jan I am starting Oblique for a KAL. Must finish one of these before that happens.

For me it is the shawls! Pi Shawl from Weekend Knitting, Kiri, Madli, As You Like It, and too many ready to jump on the needles!


The Thisthle Thockth!

Abby's Daffodil dress is VERY beautiful. She's a lucky girl.

Does it count as "on the needles" if it's waiting for seaming, or for ends to be woven in, or for the knitter to become smaller so it doesn't have to be re-knit in a bigger size? If those count, then, yes, I have at least four sweaters on the needles.

Susan (Plum Texan)

Happy Thanksgiving, Sharon! May the holidays cure you of your startitis.

(OK, you can stop laughing now. ;) )

Carrie K

That daffodil dress is darling!

I have....Mary T, Lace Edged Elegance, Keyhole Top....that I can think of off the top of my head.


That dress is the cutest dress ever. Every time I think you already made the cutest dress ever, you make another one. Soooo cute! I like the socks too, but how can they compare to that dress? I still haven't knit with STR even though I have some that's been sitting in the stash for a really long time.


Abby's Daffodil Dress is so cute! I would love to knit a sweater or even a pair of socks for Miss P, but her 5 year old majesty doesn't want them. She wants hats.
I love your blog.


I have two adult sweaters on the needles right now well one of them is nearly done but needs a little ripping and redoing so it's off the needles currently but about to go back on. I have two other sweaters calling me from my yarn basket but I am attempting to resist their siren song...


I love Abby's new dress! You have once again given me inspiration. Thanks for your comment on our little red-haired Baby Charlotte. I am enjoying my visit with both granddaughters.


Love the socks! The dress is too cute! I have three adult sized sweaters going right now, four if you count the one I'm spinning the yarn for. ;)

dirty sue

it's all ok, there are no knitting police waiting to throw you in the hoosegow for having too many projects going at once. although, it might be a good place to get uninterrupted knittin' time.
enjoy your turkey date!


I only have two adult sized sweaters on needles, well ones for me anyway. One is only a couple of months old. The other has been abuilding for nigh on to four years now. We don't need to talk about the others that are for my daughter. They don't really count since she doesn't know about them. I do wish I had someone to make that daffodil dress for.

Have a wonderful holiday! Spread some peas.


I don't think I've ever knit 4 adult sweaters total in my entire knitting life, much less four at once. I made one for my brother, started one for my SIL and frogged it, started one for me and shoved into the back of the closet less than half finished. That's all I can remember. I mostly knit small stuff--socks, scarves, hats and the like, though I have knit a baby sweater for each of my 4 nephews.

Bonnie J. Cocuzza

I love Abby's Daffodil dress! It's beautiful and I can't wait to see her wearing it.


Pretty thithle thocks! I couldn't help it.
Thanks for the comments help.


Abby's dress is adorable. I like the socks too.


Have I made adult sweaters in the past? Yes, in my first incarnation as a knitter, back before knitting was cool.

Do I have any now on the needles? No. Heavens, no.

I haven't been moved at all lately to knit a sweater. Such a large project seems so ... daunting. I'm not sure I'd ever finish it.

Heck, I can't even finish a sock. You know how people claim to suffer from Second Sock Syndrome? I suffer from First Sock Syndrome, or FSS. I have not finished a single sock in my sorry life. Nothing ever goes write--I mean *right* (see what I mean?)--when I try to knit a sock. Arggh. It's the ultimate knitting-as-futility project, and it drives me mad.

But I have to say that the Jade Empire Sweater has caught my eye.... Maybe, just maybe....

Well, you never know. Stranger things have happened.


Oh my.....I love this sweater pattern!


Goodness gracious!! You are full of energy!!
And Beautiful knitting!! Keep it up. You are making me feel lazy. Gosh you are inspiring. I have to get going!!! I love that you are not afraid to tackle so many projects at once!!
Happy Holidays!!


Hope you had a lovely holiday. The little dress is simply gorgeous!


Aw, Sharon...you make the sweetest little things for your granddaughter! It's so cute, I only wish it came in my size! (just kidding...that would be toooooo scary)

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