adorable!!! i love that the hem will be able to be let out for growth -- very clever!


Cute cute cute! You should let her open it first thing so she can wear it all day Saturday. Wait, maybe not until AFTER the cake. ;)


This ia a "me too" comment. My blogging has changed a lot. Too many things that would get me in trouble if I posted them. I don't care at all for the new technology gizmos. I only kal-ed once a long time ago. And I'm not always good about saying thank you for comments, or leaving them. Maybe I'm done.


that dress is a work of art! Brilliant idea on the garter hem, too. Expecting to see a picture with cute little Abby in the dress soon. :)


That dress is an instant heirloom - simply perfect knitting. :)


I listened to podcasts for awhile but then I just fell behind and never caught up. I think I prefer the conversation a blog can be rather than just listening.

The dress is absolutely beautiful. Really amazing work. Good job:D


Oh wow that is the prettiest knit dress ever. EVER! You did a wonderful job on it Sharon!


Sharon, I agree about blog reading and involvement in the culture. I don't read too many knit blogs any more, but I do read those of my friends who are knitters. Vive la difference.

I came to the realization that there's just too little time in the day to cover absolutely everything. Not that I've ever been much of a me-too type; I've participated in exactly one knit-along, and have knitted exactly one square for Warm Up America. Knitcast was the only podcast I listened to, and there hasn't been a new one for a long while.

Maybe it comes down to a decision: I can read about knitting, or I can just get in there and do some. You've chose the latter as well, I see. Bravo to you!


What a sweet, sweet dress. I'm sure Abby will be the cuteness in it.

I haven't posted an entry in nearly two weeks. I have lots to say, but I've been lazy. I haven't knitted this week either.

I haven't listened to any podcasts lately, and there seems to be a billon people on the waiting list for Ravelry. I have been keeping up with most of my blog reading, though.


That is one cute dress - I'm charmed; if I were wearing socks, they would be knocked off. Don't worry about in step or out of step - love what you knit and people will enjoy reading about it. Like me. :)


Very cute. I may have to investigate this pattern since I just got a brand spanking new niece. Oh course, there won't be much adding on as she grows if they don't move to the states. I definitely understand the blogging inertia at times. But I really blog for the community anyway and don't really have a writing goal so to speak. It's just nice to be able to drop in on someone and see what they've been up to. I can't always do it every day, but then, it's just one part of my life.


It's a beautiful dress for a beautiful little girl. I can remember knitting on size 3 needles for my oldest daughter who is now 39 (!!??). Alas, a touch of arthritis kept me from using needles that small for my grand daughter but now that she's bigger I make sweaters with more comfortable sized needles - 10½s are my favorites and don't hurt my hands.


I think you are justing settling in to what your blog needs to be for you. I think when we first start out we have so many ideas and examples to style our blogs after, we tend to try to live up to an ideal. But time and priorities change all that until our blogs are more suited to us. I find less time to blog and less time to knit nowadays. I hope that changes, for I truly miss knitting every day.


The baby dress is indeed perfect! I'm thrilled for you and Abby and her parents. I love knitting with cashmerino, I bet every stitch was fun to make. Congratulations.

Pat K

That is one wonderful dress! I may have missed if you posted about it before...where did you find the pattern? After all, there are a couple little grand-angels in my life now too.


Take a look at our http://journeyofashawl.blogspot.com
and see if you would like to join us. Maybe even come up to Ithaca for a knit along with us.


Opps, that's http://journeytoashawl.blogspot.com


The dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! You did such a great job and the personal touches really make it special. Congrats! :)


The dress is adorable! Can't wait to see a picture of Abby wearing it!

I know what you mean about the blog thing. I've been too busy for either blog reading or blog posting. No knit alongs or secret pals for me either. Oh well...

Yarn Thing

I just wanted to jump on here and let you know how beautiful that dress is! Simply stunning!

Great Job!


Pat DeLeeuw

The dress is a work of art. Clapping sound goes out to you.
I know how you feel about the knitalongs, secret pals etc.-I thought maybe it was my age-which is probably the same as your's. There is so much going on in cyber land about knitting that you could spend all day and night on the computer. I'll keep reading your blog though!!!!!!!!

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