Don't you and Lynette look great. It's so much fun meeting other bloggers in person. There's so much to talk about.

I need to do that meme since I've been tagged for it twice.

You don't like cheese!?! Amazing.


I really enjoyed your meme, one of the more interesting ones yet. But how can you not like cheese?

I agree with you about bloggers too!

Pat K

I understand totally about the "you guys". Unfortunately that has become so common. My mother refuses to take that from any server in a restaurant. It's rather funny watching the teenage wait staff try to remember to use Sir and Ma'am when they come to our table. And if you can't stand cheese, well then there's that much more left for the rest of us cheese lovers. And you have a great holiday weekend, too!


If I had a mantra it would be something like "Things will work out". It's amazing how we end up where we ought to be no matter what we plan or how we screw up. Too bad we don't realize this earlier on.


My friend Lisa and I knew each other through our dogs before either of us got into yarn. (She runs One Planet Yarn and Fiber, BTW. Typepad doesn't allow me to use the URL, so you'll need to Google.) One year we went to the Bearded Collie National Specialty and roomed together. Many -- if not most -- of the people at that dog show were also on the Bearde email list, and some had acquired distinct online personalities through their posts.

Each evening, we'd sneak back to our room and play a game: Which person from the list looks most in real life like his/her email persona? It was interesting how many people were nothing like their emails would have you believe.


Sorry to hear the Mother's Day train ride wasn't as fun as it could have been. It sure sounded promising!


That's a great picture of you and Lynette. I'm sorry I couldn't go on the trip.

My husband feels the same way about onions that you do about cheese. Do you know how many recipes call for onions?

I'm with you on #5. I have trouble walking on level ground already.


The Coupon Queen huh? That's pretty cool!! hehe And the State Journal gave you the title? Even cooler!

Hey have you heard that we might be visiting in July??? I've been scheming it with Susie and Lynne! Guess maybe I should let y'all in on the plan, huh? All I have to do now is get Jeff to agree that we need to go. :)


Wow, I know just how you feel about cheese because that's my reaction to milk. The smell - ugh.
Having lovely weather for the weekend I hope. Bunch of us fiber folk are meeting at the Highland Festival in Alma to demonstrate what we do.

Pat DeLeeuw

I so agree with the "you guys" and I hate that no one in a store(well, big box store) says "Thank you" anymore. It is always"here you go"!!! GRRR Manners are becoming a thing of the past-and many of the parents I deal with in our school system's Registrar's office prove that point. When did people get so grumpy?? I could rant on about this for hours.
And, Sharon, we are glad you landed in Lansing!!!


My mom doesn't like cheese. I used to like it but had to give it up because of allergies. I don't miss it, thought I would. I miss how chewy melted mozzarella could be but not the taste.

I gross out at the thought of milk, too... not the smell but the texture and taste. I do not like thick liquids. Water or thick shake but nothing between!

Food is such an individual thing. Most times if I don't like something it's the texture... I don't like cooked meat but smoked salmon (sushi or lox) don't bug me.

I love anything bitter except coffee (olives, tea, dark chocolate) and Rae doesn't like them at all.

Have a good weekend!


So glad you did the meme!! It was interesting to read about you! I don't usually do them either, but do indulge very occasionally. Smiles? You have a warm, beautiful smile yourself!!


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