I'm not a knotter. I won't say that I've NEVER joined a new yarn with a knot, but as a rule? Really, really not. Or knot. Not knot? Whatever. You get the idea (grin)


So many comments....where to begin.

Two black and two butter yellow on hold under P, as....

I think Faith would be PERFECT in Touch Me, at the 18 over 4 gauge. And don't forget--felted, of course!

I'm not a knotter...I tie them to hold while the garment is in progress, but I go back and untie and run in the opposing ends.

RARELY will I let a knot slip by and go unattended...


PS--bring the mohair by and I'll rip for you, if that's what needs to be done to rescue that little pretty from banishment to Siberia!


I made the same scarf in Eggplant. This stuff is lovely and addictive. Of course I can't afford it. It's like a crack addiction!

wendy g

Speaking of knots, how did you join new balls of yarn on the Touch Me scarf? I have the yarn but have been afraid to start for fear of the knot. Your sweater and shawl are also beautful!


I'm not usually a knotter, and I usually will cut if I am knitting something and find an unyielding knot in the middle of a skein. I used to just knit the knots in, but the stress of worrying about whether that was a good idea was greater than the stress of dealing with two more loose ends.

And I have to ask, how did you join the skeins of Touch Me in that scarf? I have the same scarf on the needles, but can't bring myself to join the second skein of yarn because I'm worried about making a bad join.


That scarf is to die for...and a whole shawl of Touch Me? Decadent! (But you deserve it.) I love your Audrey too - so pretty in blue!

I'm totally a knotter & have never, ever had a problem with it. ;)


I always cut out any knots that show up. Depending on the yarn I may tie another knot and weave in the ends later or I may just overlap the two ends and work about four stitches with the two ends and weave in the excess later. I've had knots in sock yarn and it really irritates me, especially in those self-striping kinds. Really messes up the repeats.


Knot a knotter unless it is someting that will be felted. If it's wool I just cut it out and spit splice so I don't have to weave in ends. I wish I had more than 2 balls of Touch me to make something! But 2 was all I got in an exchange ages ago.


OOOOOOOOOOO! I love your scarf!!
I knot and lately more often not knot. ...It depends on the project and my mood. :-) Lack of chocolate will cause me to knot...

Please don't banish your Feather and Fin. It is beautiful.


I'm a "loose knotter" -- I do gently tie two ends of yarns together when Im knitting, but loosely enough so I can go back and undo the knot later while weaving in ends.

Ahhh, Touch Me. One of my favorite LYS always keeps a couple of balls of the stuff near the register so people can fondle it while ringing up their purchases. I suspect that the shop goes through a lot of that yarn because of that strategy...!!


I'm not a knotter.

I want to make that scarf. I used Touch Me for a chemo cap for a friend. Fabulous stuff, but awfully slippery--I had to be terribly careful to not let stitches slide right off the needle.


The touch me scarf looks wonderful and soft. Did you felt it or leave it as is?

I never leave knots. I use to when I first started knitting but once I found at that was a no-no, I haven't done it since.


Oh. My. Gosh. Hold on a sec whilst I wipe the drool off my chin. Sharon, that is the scarf I covet! It is gorgeous! As for the lacy, webbed creation - put it in Siberia (I mean the freezer) for a bit - you will be able to frog easily then! Trust me!!

I will watch for pictures of the Golden - oops - Faith Jacket. You might need a body guard while wearing that!! ;-)


Oh - and I forgot - (all that Touch Me yarn talk) I am kNOT a knot knitter.


Great projects. I adore that scarf! It has to feel so good.

I'm always dismayed when I get a knot in sock yarn--especially expensive sock yarn--can't they do better for the price? Anyway, I cut and weave.

Ripping out mohair is something I'm afraid of.


I used to be a knotter knitter, but knot anymore. Since I usually am working with wool or alpaca, I cut out the knot and spit-join and don't have to weave any ends in later. I love the spit-join! If I am using cotton, I curse, cut and weave it in later, probably cursing again. I would love to try the touch me, but I can't touch the price until Tom gets out of school.(sigh). Christine just finished the Faith jacket and has been promising photos of her in it (http://www.pointysticks.org/).


The Touch Me scarf is too scrumptious. I'd have to color coordinate my entire wardrobe around it so it could always be on my neck!


I knot and I'm proud of it. lol Usually, I leave knots in, unless it is in a bad area (heels and soles on socks, obvious areas in others). I don't stress about knots and crazy as it is I like to weave in ends. So on occassion, I cut them to make extra ends. This is in no way an invitation to send me your projects to weave in the ends! :)


oh, my...touch me, touch me! I was able to feel it for myself last July,at Threadbear, and I've thought of it since then! If I let my mind drift, I can almost feel it again!


oh, my...touch me, touch me! I was able to feel it for myself last July,at Threadbear, and I've thought of it since then! If I let my mind drift, I can almost feel it again!

kristi and otis

It was so nice of you to pick that color scarf for me - it really did go with my coloring huh? Let me know when I can pick it up ;) You know my answer already to the question -depends on the garment - socks? Knot and Knit on! Sweater - depends on the stitch pattern and where the knot is located.


I never knotted until I did my self-portrait last July. It was "intarsia" officially, but normal intarsia has blocks of color where you twist yarns at the edge of the block to keep holes from happening.

On the portrait, sometimes I would have a "block" of one stitch of that color, and there was no way I could twist the yarn with the next color block. It took me 45 minutes to tie knots the night before the gallery opening, so that I would not have holes on the "public" side. Since it is not a garment I think they will stay put.

For my socks, I never ever use a knot under any circumstances. However, sometimes now in "froofy" shawls/stoles using slippery novelty yarns, I'll tie a knot and then also work in ends, if it's fluffy enough for the knot to hide under the napped surface.

I only knot when I see no other alternative. I like sewing, though, so it's no big deal for me to work in ends.


For the record, the web page address of my self-portrait blog entry changed when I switched servers last August. The new address is


Perhaps you'll be able to take time to change the link in your sidebar (bless you for that mention).



Love the scarf! In fact, all of your projects look great. As for the knotting, I knot when I think I can get away with hiding it. Otherwise, I try to avoid it.


Thanks - I was afraid you'd say that - as though there isn't enough yarn and projects on my plate - now I have to add this yarn too!!
By the way - I'm not usually a knotter - I just strand in new yarn as I go - but the Toddler sweater I just finished has a knot or two.....you never know!


I hardly ever knot or have to weave in ends since I forced myself to learn how to do a Russian Join. (i think that is what it is called) When I take something off the needles I only have to weave in the starting and ending tails.... Oh, and block it... that's the one I am not a fan of, and can put off for absolutely forever.



1. Audrey - the meandering cable - the blue - so so nice. I'm so cable crazy.

2. Knots = no. I do a twist then weave the ends together. And as a yarn dyer.... mm. I know there are occasional knots from the manufacturer that come through and I dye right over them. I never have reduced my cost on a skein of yarn because of knots. If it were lace weight for a very light shawl that might be different in the eyes of the knitter. But really... it's an important thing for the finished item to look good so learning to handle knots and joins is part of learning to knit, IMHO.


Your Audrey is going to be absolutely beautiful! I love the cable detail.

I think I'm with you on the knot front. Sometimes I'll leave it, sometimes I won't. Depends on whether it looks like it will hold or not. I wouldn't put a knot in on purpose (like at a joining section) though.

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