The baby is so cute! The mittens aren't bad either.


Thank you! That might just be my first happy birthday this time around.

And I predict you'll be spinning by next new year's. ;-)


Cashmere thrums!!!! I need to make some for ME ME ME! NEED.

You'll spin. Stop resisting.


Sharon, You and I will be the last hold outs for spinning! I am the other knitter who is NOT spinning! I shall add that to my resolution list and when I feel the urge, I shall email you for support! I love the thrummed mitts and that grand baby is the sweetest! All in all, your resolutions are fabulous! Have a Happy New Year!


Ah come one! Just give it a try...you might enjoy it so much you'll wonder how you could avoid it for so long. My predictions are that you'll keep (or have) at least 10 things on the needles by the end of February and will own a spindle by March. It's futile to try and avoid either.


I have my spindles and roving, and I haven't spun yet, but I'll give it a try just to learn it.

I love those mittens and Abby is getting more adorable.

Happy Holidays.

Susan (Plum Texan)

I third that emotion: I'm not spinning either. Now, I admit that this is a "not yet." But I have so much knitting calling to be done that maybe this isn't the year. Plus, I'm already so easily distracted that I really don't need something else...when I have tons of old boxes to go through and mothers for whom to knit blankets and new creations to cook... :)


I'm not spinning either! There's so much ready yarn available that I don't plan on it.

Love the cashmere thrums. What a great idea!


Ann sat me down at her cute little hitchhiker and made me spin last October. Then she fashioned me a hook out of a hanger (or somethin') so that I could take it with me and I could spin anywhere! But I feel just as you do, Sharon, that if I took up spinning, something would have to give somewhere else and I already only have time for half a chapter every night before I fall asleep and I'm not even exercising or cleaning my house or doing regular shopping or cooking... What could possibly give? I just KNOW it would become an obsession and I just don't have an opening in my schedule for any more of those. Maybe in '08, eh?


She's a beaut, and so are you! I am resolved to knit more from stash. I have resolved this in the past, and failed, but I am going to really focus my attention on it. One thing that might help is to not choose which to knit and when. Just let the spirit move me.


The mittens are beautifully done as is your glorious Ballerina! I'm still raving about that one!

The precious little pixie is just darling! Just want to pick her up and cuddle her!



Abby is so beautiful! And I'm with you on the whole resisting the urge to start spinning thing! And that's a resolution that will be easy to keep!


I tried spinning several years ago. I even got so far as to buy a wheel. I kept at it for over a year. It just never turned into the meditative activity that I had been led to believe it would become. I sent the wheel to a friend in Virginia. I gave away a freshly processed fleece and anything else that was spinning related. Never again! Now some people are tempting me to get back into needlepoint. Another craft for which I have tons of supplies. It remains to be seen what I'll do. But it certainly won't be spinning.


I tried and tried to resist the siren call but this year I found a wheel under my tree! It was a total surprise. At the moment I am literally devoted one half hour a day to it, that's all I got to give;)


Well, I just have to put in my two cents -- you are not alone, as this knitter has resisted and will resist spinning. I shall not be taken over to the dark side!


Ballerina is fabulous- as is your little creature. Enjoy both in the new year! And I'm not spinning either. It would cut into my knitting time.


I will never fall to spinning either. I've determined that I like my yarn to be of a consistent size. Therefore, I will continue to haunt yarn stores for commercial yarn. Hear me now, I will not let you fall off of your needles and onto a treadle!


Oh my good gosh look at all the people encouraging you to spin! Watch out for Margene - she'll just SEND YOU SPINDLES AND WOOL AND BOOKS!!!

The mittens: O.M.G. Cashmere. I recently read a blog where the knitter described the thrummed mittens she made as wearing cats on her hands. hehe I'll never forget that. I cannot imagine the warmth and luxury of cashmere thrummed mittens!!!!!

The baby: possibly the prettiest baby on the planet. Difficult not to squeeze her too hard isn't it? heh Don't you just want to eat her alive?! It's a terrible thing. And they just get sweeter. :)

Happy Safe New Years! :)

Holly Burnham

Absolutely beautiful baby....I was going to comment on how nicely your mittens came out....but then I spotted the baby and forgot what I was going to say.


i will not start spinnin' either, (except in my head) we will be support for each other, if one of us gets the urge (to spin, i mean) we will email the other and be set straight!
have a great new year and see ya next year!


Great mittens! You know, you've already knit with roving, why not just twist it a little. ;) Your Ballerina in the last post is just stunning too. Enjoy your New Year and your granddaughter! :)


I have resisted the urge to try spinning too. It looks interesting and could probably be a great passtime, but I think, at least for the time being I will resist.

Your mittens look great, nice and warm, and the baby is so beautiful!


I will not spin. I have blogged about this many times. I have so much in my life as it is, and it really doesn't interest me. I'm more interested in designing with yarn than creating it. But I think that weaving will be in my future, one day - that's designing with yarn too.

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