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Oooh, a $25 present that doesn't involve yarn? I'd vote for a box of chocolates from See's Candies (www.sees.com). If that sounds too much like a good way to send me down the road to ruination, I have a list of books in my Amazon wish list that's about half a mile long.

pamela wynne

hmm... $25 and no yarn ... I think Blogdog is on the right track with food and books.

But how about a one-month unlimited Netflix subscription?

Or a tiny precious puppy saved from certain death at the local pound?

A home carbon monoxide detector?

One-day admission to Graceland?

Oh, I'm no good at this. I just want yarn!


An adagio teas sampler?

For the coffee lover in me, Starbucks has some cute gift packs this year - different kinds of coffee with a new mug - maybe throw in one of the ornaments they have.

I'm a sock person. A gift basket of character socks...maybe even a couple of pairs of those toe socks.


The thing I use the most that costs around that amount is my waffle iron. No really. You would not believe how easy it is to make waffles. And now with the new pour, shake and "bake" mises from some company, it's even easier. I just get batter mixes in bags and use those, good for 4-5 waffles.
But of course if it were a yarn issue it would have to be anything Alpaca!!

kristi and otis

Oh Sharon - you make me blush with all your delighful compliments ;) 25 dollars and not fiber? If you were asking me this question today - I would say $25 worth of tropical popsicles - and after Friday, a $25 bottle of wine!


Such nice yarn, and a cute sweater for Abby.

For $25, I would like the DVD of one of my favorite movies, This is Spinal Tap.


Ah, that's an easy question. Books. Dead tree, audio, and/or for my Palm. I love to read!


Ooooo....drool....what would I do with a $25 certificate? Why, donate it to world peace. Oh, wait, that's my Miss America speech. Hmmm...no yarn...do bookstores count? I'd love a gift certificate to indy bookstore Micawber's here in MN. Or--oh! I know!--to 318 Cafe, where they have great homemade soup! I like to knit there, does that disqualify me?


Ooooo....drool....what would I do with a $25 certificate? Why, donate it to world peace. Oh, wait, that's my Miss America speech. Hmmm...no yarn...do bookstores count? I'd love a gift certificate to indy bookstore Micawber's here in MN. Or--oh! I know!--to 318 Cafe, where they have great homemade soup! I like to knit there, does that disqualify me?


I'd like a gift certificate to Red Lobster. If I go at lunch time, I can probably get two meals with a $25 certificate.


books!! and a good cup of colombian blend coffee w/ a quad shot of half and half. i looooooove manos and the color is perfect for me!!


or an orchid for my coffee table.


or a box of fannie mae meltaway mints


A ticket to an off-Broadway show in which my daughter is starring (realizing that $25 would not buy that, but it could help. And no, she is NOT starring -- yet -- in an off-Broadway show. This is fantasy only.)

Pat K

Money to blow right now? Lotions for my dry crackedy hands, smelling of lemongrass and sage and maybe some juniper for the holidays.


Hmmm, $25 non-fiber-related. That would fill up about 1/2 a gas tank on my mini-van, but where's the fun in that? It would definately have to be some really yummy chocolate! Most of my non-yarn shopping is done at garage sales (so I can save money to buy more yarn). Food is my only other indulgence. Cheers!


or a manicure w/ slut red nail polish


or a manicure w/ slut red nail polish


I think the pink ribbon would look so sweet with the Ballerina. And the pooling doesn't look bad (IMHO). I kinda like how it looks for that WIP, as the green appears balanced/symmetrical.

Hmmm...$25, eh? I like the idea of journals. Particularly the little black moleskin journals I've seen Barnes & Noble sell. There's a pouch in the back cover for storing some small scraps of paper, and it's all held shut with a firm elastic band.

Couple the journal with some lovely ink pens.

OR, I find it's always easy to spend $25 at Sanrio on Hello Kitty items.

Or an iTunes gift card.

Or a Starbucks gift card.

Or some teas from Adagio. Or perhaps a set like the IngenuiTea one.

Have a lovely week!

knit_tgz (Tania)

No yarn-related presents? (so, no needles and no stitch markers...)

I think I would go to a gourmet store I found some months ago which has some AMAZING olive, garlic and herb-based spreads (they have samples for us to taste: I went with a friend and tasted them but I did not buy anything, only my friend did) and buy some spreads and a olive-oil based sauces recipe book I saw there...


The gift I would want is a box of Marblehead Mints from Harbor Sweets handmade chocolates (http://www.harborsweets.com/). They are a delicious treat I rarely get.


I would wish for Legal Seafoods clam chowder to be sent to me in the mail. http://shop.legalseafoods.com/index.cfm/pk/product/ac/list/cid/10087

We had it this summer, and it's so amazingly good that you can't even believe it. We were depressed when it was gone. It makes you want to lick the bowl. That good.


I was going to say chocolate, but someone else beat me to it! Now that the temps are getting cool and skin is getting dryer, I'm into Body Shop Body Butter. So that's my submission. Keeps your skin nice and soft!


It took me a second to come up with the right answer, but once I had it, it was obvious - fresh flowers, preferably with some Gerbera daisies mixed in. I love them, and I buy fresh flowers very rarely, so it would be a treat. For what it's worth, I'd go with the green ribbon, if you can get the right color.


a manicure at my favorite salon, definitely. Now that it's getting cooler and my cuticles are drying out bigtime from the dry air, it would be heavenly to spend half an hour getting lotioned and nails painted. Plus it makes me feel beautiful for at least a week, while any chocolate gifts are gone too soon.


If we don't want the yarn...yeah, that's a good one. I really need an immersion blender - you know one of those stick ones that will allow me to blend my homemade potato and leek soup without having to pour hot liquid in a blender in 2 batches. I never really needed one before, so I have been looking - they can be had for around 25 bucks. Here's hoping I don't crave soup before Christmas. Y'all have fun this week.


Beautiful colorway for Ballerina!! In my opinion there's not a bit of unpleasant pooling - it's gorgeous!!

And since I would love to have two skeins of Manos for a scarf.... your contest.

I would say there are two ways to go. Restaurant gift card is good - especially for couples. My second thought was Barnes & Noble gift card but really I think it's a wiser investment if there's some kind of Amazon.com gift certificate because the prices are SO great and they have music and other stuff too. You can't go wrong with Amazon.com, really.

But then again - if you're a knitter - $25 would buy yarn for various knitted gifts like a scarf, pair of socks, nice pair of Fetching fingerless gloves. Maybe even some felted clog slippers. Yep. Those are all nice thoughtful gift ideas. $25 or less - small knitting time investment. Thanks for the idea inspiration Sharon! :)

Another Susan (Plum Texan)

Three Godiva truffles, a second IKEA stainless steel mixing bowl, and a copy of Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner...my favorite chocolates, my favorite kitchen item, and my favorite author.


A nice shawl pin or a new press pot for coffee.


Hmm . . . interesting question! I've been looking at teapots a lot lately, though, and have been thinking about buying one of those cute little individual stainless steel ones . . . so, I guess that would be it, with maybe a nice blend of English Breakfast tea to go with it. Or, you know, books are always good . . . Or a nifty pair of earrings....


A $25 gift certificate? It would have to be for Amazon.com. Books and yarn! What more does anyone need? I do enjoy your blog, but I've been a lurker until now. Like you I've recently retired from a public school district. Isn't it wonderful to have more time to read and knit?!


don't know how much a manicure is, but that is sounding really nice about now!


I can tell you about the best $25 gift I ever received. Out in the sticks, if you don't live within the city limits, they make you pay for a library card. My sweetie's mom gave me the money for me to purchase one. (She wasn't in the area, plus you have to fill out tons of paperwork and sign in blood. Hee!)

That's one of the rare gifts I was able to use and enjoy all year long.


I'd go for a bottle of really, really fine, fabulous olive oil.

I bought one for my brother for Christmas about 5 years ago along with a bottle of really high-quality balsamic vinegar. I was happy to buy it for him but a little sad that I couldn't afford to treat myself to the same thing. I sent him his gift - and the next day I received my gift from him. It was the SAME THING.


Oh Sharon, this is sooo easy. I would LOVE to receive The Christmas Companion CD from Prairie Home Companion and Garrison Keilor! I have included the link to help you all (Christmas CD)! Now, I know that this is supposed to be "yarn free" but I could listen to the new CD and knit ;-)

Have an awesome day, Sharon!


If I was receiving a $25 present, the best thing I could ask for is a giant supreme pizza, and a DVD with my close friends.


Sharon, I actually know exactly what I'd want. A student subscription to Artchive (www.artchive.com). It's basically an online art gallery & the organizer works so hard fighting with real galleries to be able to post these works so students can study them.

Linda W

I have had my eye on the yogurt maker in King Arthurs catalog for over a year now. I know I just need to order it but haven't done it yet. I even have $$ from my father-in-law for my birthday (yes, he is that sweet!). So I will go log on to the web site and place that order. L


25$ worth of British snack food/candy. My husband spent a year in the UK getting his Master's, and he developed a liking for quite a lot of things. So did I, when I went to visit and he made me try all his favorite things!

Our local grocery has a decent imports section, so we can get a few of the things we miss, but I'd just about kill for a bag of Hula Hoops or Prawn Cocktail Crisps right now!


The only thing I have on my Christmas list is "one of each in assorted colors" but I don't think $25 will cover it. I would settle for a house plant that doesn't mind if I forget to water it once in awhile or another rose for the garden.


For $25... a piece of vintage jewelry. Yeah, that's it!


Hmmm... Something non-fiber-related at $25? I would suggest either baked goodies or sweets.


Flowers! I rarely buy any--the sensible voice in my head tells me to buy something more practical and useful. But when I do splurge, it makes me so happy each time I see them. So, fresh cut or, even better, winter flowering bulbs--amarylis are particularly fun with their amazingly fast growth.


ohh. this is a hard one. I've always been horrible about making a wish list. But right now I'd have to say a $25 gift certificate for my local New Zealander pub would rock like nobody's business. The lamb-burger is pure bliss. :)

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