SHUT UP. You're going to Brattlesboro, VT in October? Would it be harsh to say I hate you?? Okay, I don't hate you. We took a trip to VT during my ..... summer just before my senior or junior year in high school? Hard to remember that was a long time ago. All I do know is that we were in Brattlesboro on the 4th of July and it was one of the best 4th of July memories of my life. I can't believe I can't remember which year it was. Maybe I'm getting old.

OH the baby - that HAIR. Absolutely precious - and the family photo is wonderful! Beautiful family - your mother must have been so proud and happy to have all of you there.

Bloglines: for those abbreviated posts - it's the poster who selects that preference, not you silly. Check your preferences for the ones that aren't showing when they update. And then again it's possible that Bloglines is just messing with your mind and trying to irritate and confuse you too. :)


I think that whole Bloglines abbreviated posting thing is a choice the blogger makes (or doesn't make, if they don't know about it) in their RSS template/blog setup - it vexes me greatly that the TypePad default seems to be abbrviated rather than full posts; I'd much prefer it the other way around!


Speaking of bloglines why is that when certain people publish a post bloglines shows the new post and the 6 most recent posts?

Beautiful baby!


I've always wondered about the abbreviated posts in bloglines too. Mine always show up that way and I have no clue how to fix it.

That is a great family picture! You have a beautiful family. Abby has gotten so big!


Brattleboro? Well dang! I grew up just north of there (Putney) and my father still lives there. And I lived nearby until this past February when I moved to CA. We miss fall colors though, so we're visiting in October too. If you need any advice about fun places in southern VT just shoot me an email! I'd be glad to help.


Ah, Gilmore Girls . . . so, so worth the time!! (Season four isn't the best one, but season five makes up for it. Just saying.)


Sharon! I think I know you! I got your e-mail last night and wanted to reply when I read your last name but didn't have the time and I can't access that account during the day so I'm leaving another random comment... :o)

Are your sons Matt & Josh (I swear that's them in your picture but it's been forever and it's kind of dark and hard to tell)? And did you work at Otto? If so, I went to school with your boys! Matt and I had tons of classes together at Otto and were in the same clicque of friends for the most part. :o)

I promise I'll reply to your e-mail soon but when I saw your picture in this post I simply HAD to ask if that's who I think it is in the picture! :o)

Have a great day!


Ok - Abby is adorable. That said - so are Rory and Lorelai and Sookie, no? I watched the whole series after getting tivo.


I Love Gilmore Girls too. I never watched them in primtime but I plan to this season. DH just bought me the first season so I can see how it all began. No one had it for rent. I watch the syndicated re-runs every afternoon at 5:00EST on ABC Family, but they're way past the first season.

Susan (Plum Texan)

If you think Gilmore Girls is great...you should get in with Veronica Mars (which will, by the way, be on directly after GG this season). Just imagine...two hours in a row, every week, of all the snarky, snippy, girly goodness (and plenty of knitting time) you can handle. :)


It is not Bloglines' fault. All they can do is show whatever feed comes to them from the blogs. If entries only appear in the feed as summaries, or if the feed is making old posts look like they're new, then what can Bloglines do about it? Nothing.

Please DON'T BLAME Bloglines. In my opinion it is a terrific piece of software that I have very little problem with, and it's upsetting to see lots of people blaming Bloglines for issues they should be taking to the owners of the RSS feeds.


Vermont! What a lovely time of the year to go! Any yarn shop visits planned?

Abby's so cute! No wonder, good genes it looks like.

LOL, you're right--it was so hard to force myself to do anything except watch Gilmore Girls! Sure, I know there's a pause button on the remote, but when you're on a Gilmore Girls watching roll, you're on a roll! Yeah, I think I called it a day if I got up to do laundry. Hee hee hee!


Hi Sharon! Pop me an email and I'll add you to the Dutchicans contributors list. :)

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