and i was mowing the lawn and deadheading flowers in the hopes someone will fall in love w/ my darling house, buy it, and i can start my new adventure in the lansing area. love that sweater, it looks very good on you!
see you next wednesday at tb, i hope.


Yeah, Sharon!!!

Your tee knit came out wonderfully! Congrats. ...and it looks fabulous on you. I think you need to take it out on a night on the town!


It looks WONDERFUL!!! You're such a great designer!!


You look stunning!!

And I think you're on to something with that parallel theory...


You do look great! Love the color on you, too.
It is amazing how we can find out so much about each other and our daily lives and still be miles and countries a part!


What a gorgeous tee! It looks fabulous with that necklace, too...

I continually crack myself up when I talk to my DH about all my internet friends (that I've never met in person of course) and he thinks they live in town. Our experiences are so different, and yet they are so similar, too. Have a great weekend!


That's a great adaption to the sweater. It looks good on you! Don't you love it when you can tweak a pattern to what you want?


Lovely tee! I just love the MC colors.
I like your parallel lives theory. We get just glimpses of each other's lives through our blogs and shared emails. It reminds me a lot of the "penpals" of my mother's era.


What's interesting is how much we learn about each other from our blogs and how much we include each other in our daily thoughts - how much the activity of people we haven't met affects our own hobbies and ever changing personal interests!

The ribbon tee is wonderful Sharon!! The ruby river colorway is beautiful on you and the sweater is very flattering. That's such a great picture of you - too bad we can't take one like that to the drivers license office and have them use it for our DL photo. hehe I've always coveted that ruby river colorway in their sock yarn - I wish I could duplicate it with my own yarn dyeing. Congratulations on a beautiful FO. :)


Just lovely lovely work there. The mods you did look great, it suits you and the color! Wowza!


as well you should (love that sweater)...you did a brilliant job and it really looks lovely on you...i did forget to ask, though, if you'd be mortally offended if i 'copied' you and made a similar sweater ;o)

and on a somewhat 'trivial' note...it was fun being 'parallel' with you yesterday :o) i've missed seeing you wednesdays, so i'm glad you were there!


The Tee looks great.

Ernesto brought lots of rain and flash flooding, and I was unwisely out in some of the worst of it, but today is beautiful.

There a lot going on in Bloglinad.


Beautifully, beautifully said, Sharon. This electron universe has let us build an amazing village of caring, wonderful people. Thanks for pointing out the threads that connect us.
Your new sweater is gorgeous on you, too!


Lovely sweater. Lovely thoughts on parallel play and how we are all separate but connected. Today, I was putting together a new clothes hamper, doing the grocery shopping, and eating ice cream. My husband was giving a deposition, and my son was most having fun at a si-fi convention.


Thanks, Sharon, for reminding me that I am but one of many who have stuff to deal with. My mom passed away a few weeks ago, and my daughter, son-in-law, and 21-month-old granddaughter moved 1100 miles away this week. I was having a great pity party until your blog entry made me realize that life does go on all around us. I will now "suck it up and deal."

You look absolutely radiant in the gorgeous tee!


You look absolutely beautiful.

'Nuff said. :)


Your tee is great!

And yes, it's almost always a good guess, that I'm reading somewhere . . . (grin)


You look beautiful in your tee girl! AND it's not blue! What's up with that? Hee hee.

kristi and otis

What an eloquent post Sharon and thanks for including me in it. I hope to spring this joint for an hour and hit Threadbear next Wednesday so I hope to meet up with you in person - that color is smashing!


You look mahvelous, dahling! That color is fantastic on you. You should knit it more often (hee).


It's beauty is only outshined by yours!!


I appreciate your thoughts about parallel living... I often think of the people in my life around the world, and wonder what they are doing. Fascinating to think about. Oh, and nice knitting! I love it.


That is a beautiful top! Looks very very good on you.

Thoughtful idea, parallel lives. I'm always curious about the intersections, and how people choose when and where. And why.


This could be one of my favorite Knitknacks posts ever, Sharon. I love the idea of parallel lives.

In this parallel life, I'm drinking coffee, enjoying the distinctly fall-flavored weather, and taking stock. Dinah (my puppy) did wonderfully at the dog show yesterday, winning first in her class, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, and second place in Puppy Group. Today I'm trying to get us all caught up on real life again before we head back into dog show Fantasyland again next weekend.

The tee looks gorgeous!! Brava!

Teresa C

And I am climbing more mountains.

That Tee is lovely and the color is perfect on you.


I was starting my fall garden and trying to decide what next to knit. I love that Tee, it's just gorgeous on you!


I'd rather have been at Threadbear with you instead! Love your Tee, it's a great color on you too.


You look beautiful! I can't wait to see you wearing this in person.


The T is beautiful. I'm impressed with the modifications, too.

Parallel lives, parallel experiences, it really does give one pause.

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