First of all, you were quite right to speak to the cellphone users as you did. Rude buggers! Secondly, disrupted sleep patterns (especially an inability to stay asleep all night) are a frustratingly common symptom of menopause. I'm just sayin'...


I have yet to go to any knitting/crocheting/yarn event, so I love reading and seeing what you did.

Why do cell phones make some people so loud and rude? I'm so not interested in their conversations.

Good for you.


Wow, quite the stash haul. And WTG with the rude cellphone people!!


Oh - Good for you! You GO girl! Cellphone rudeness just irks me to no end. I think you've given me the back bone to do something about it next time.:)

Oh yeah - and thanks for the Stitches tour! ;)


You described my night too. Do you think it is a stitches hangover? See you tonight.

kristi and otis

Oh Sharon! Thanks for the play by play as I so wanted to go this year - maybe next! As for the cell phone thing - I usually do say something and I believe its ruder to plop your conversation amongst people than to kindly ask the person to leave.


I've never had the nerve to confront someone talking on their cell phone, but it always amazes me how loudly someone will talk on their phone, especially when having an obviously personal conversation. And then think you're rude if you say something.


You know, I never could understand why people think they need to yell into their cell phones. My mom and I were having a nice lunch and she got a call and her voice must of gone up like 10Db! I know her cell phone gets better reception than that!
So, Sharon good for you, I think that cell phone radiation must cancel out common sense or something so they are fair game.
I'm glad you guys had a nice trip and found some great stash enhancement.


Public cell phone users are the rudest people in the world. Who wants to hear their drivel? As if they are entitled to talk anywhere they please leaking inane conversations whereever they go. I think regular use must trigger cell phone dementia. I have yet to over-hear a cell-phone conversation I think was worth the air time. If I must use my cell phone, I usually excuse myself and leave the room or building, or I keep it short and sweet and business-like. The only thing you could have done more, would be to use loud profanity and/or raise the volume on your own conversation and add loud laughter so that the cell-user might not be able to hear their important call. Childish? Maybe.


Precisely...it's a public area and some d**kwad is having what should be a *private* conversation.


You were right on. HE seemed to deliberately choose that chair to sit in, when the sitting area behind us was completely empty! But you were nice to not point out I had to answer my phone and had a conversation. I do apologize for that.


Ooooooo.... my husband gets so mad at cell phone users!! They're everywhere and they're so distracted by their conversations that they're generally rude.

Sorry to hear of your sleep issues. At least you're retired and can nap at will, right? :)

Nice fiber acquisitions but it's the Noro I'm really coveting!! Awesome bargains there!


I just don't understand why people want to carry on their private business in public. I have to carry my phone around all the time now that we are selling our house and I HATE it when I get called in public. I always try to find a quiet spot, and if I can't I lower my voice. I think you were well within your rights to speak as you did, and I just wish I had the nerve to do so. Now if I could only get my husband to stop phoning in public! (he is getting better about it, though.)


Sounds like you had a good time, shopped, learned and enjoy yourself despite the lack of sleep.
You so did the right thing to tell that woman to lower her voice. She's the uptight one, not you.

Pat K

Kudos to you on speaking up on rude cell phone usage. I always try to be careful how I use mine in a public place. Your purchases look yummy. And if you're ever up in the middle of the night again, (right), I'm probably up too. I do think it's an age thing. Menopausal knitters ring, anyone?

Pat K

Kudos to you on speaking up on rude cell phone usage. I always try to be careful how I use mine in a public place. Your purchases look yummy. And if you're ever up in the middle of the night again, (right), I'm probably up too. I do think it's an age thing. Menopausal knitters ring, anyone?


Sounds like you had great classes and yarn buying at Stitches! I'm so jealous. Keep speaking up for yourself. I am one of those people who will pick up a call but at least I move away from the crowd...


I used to listen to people's conversations on the train all the time. It would amaze me how much personal information people would share with EVERYONE because they were such loud talkers. I'm glad you gave her a piece of your mind too.


You might try counting something more boring than lovely yarn/yarn-producing animals. And yup, menopause=insomnia problems.
Good for you for telling off the rude cell phone people. I'm also finding that I am more feisty in menopause. My mouth just opens up and stuff pops out that I never would have said five years ago.


hooray for you for setting the rude yakkers straight!!! you rock!


I am so self-conscious when I talk on my cell phone in public -- I know I talk loudly (because my kids tell me so), but it's usually because I can't hear very well, with the crappy reception and all (I'd MUCH rather talk on a land-line, thank you). I can't stand it -- in airports, the grocery store, out to lunch, on the street, EVERYWHERE. I try to be aware, but sometimes forget, and might give an annoyed look if I'm shushed or urged to move, but that's only because I'm in the middle of SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT THAT CAN'T WAIT AND IT REQUIRES MY FULL ATTENTION. ; ) That would only be momentary. I think those people, in hindsight, are thanking you for saving them from looking like even bigger asses (pardon the language).


Enabler? Who? What? Where?



Love all the new projects you have going. That beaded scarf is amazing in color and texture! I hope you are sleeping better now. I of course can fall asleep, but at 3am will wake up and then the mental switch goes on. Leaving me trying to fall back asleep for hours waking up totally exhausted! Oh and I loved that heron pic you posted a while back too.


I too cheer you for your guts on speaking out. Huzzah! I have no problem with public cell convos *if* they're conducted quietly and politely (and I believe this can be done). But what you describe...ugh.

To the happy parts: I gasped aloud when I enlarged the photo of the RickRack. How gorgeous! I did some stash enhancement myself this weekend, and it made me very, very happy. I slightly envy your ability to use Noro...but I am also discovering that there are plenty, *plenty* of really lovely yarns that don't make me break out in a rash. To wit: Classic Elite Fame in Dried Lavender. :)


I read of one person who was in a bookstore and had a man come into her aisle loudly talking on his cell phone. She moved to the next aisle and so did he. So she pulled out her notebook, listened intently, and began taking notes, since that's *obviously* why he was talking so loudly. He soon moved the conversation outside.

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