Your design element, which you are not the only knitter to incorporate into her bag (that could probably have been worded a lot better), will hereafter be referred to as the Introduction to Aran Knitting Variation.

There! It has an Official Name, so it can't be a mistake. Right?

kristi and otis

OMG Sharon - I thought the VERY same thing about if someone in Lansing (who took the class or are Aran pros) would bump in my mom-in-law with her bag and could point out the couple funky cables going on!!! I am really liking the Peace Fleece and intend on buying another skein to combine with the rest of this project skein to make a cabled scarf. I think anything lighter in color and really wooly (scratchy before blocking) may be best (but I'm just an aran newbie). See you next Friday!


I would think any yarn that has the word aran in the description heh! Anything meant for that, like Rowan Rorkshire tweed 4 ply says in the description that its meant to show cables well etc.

It sounds like you are doing really well, I can't wait to see your modified version!


Many, many people will chime in on this, but here are my yarn suggestions: I love the Blackwater Abbey yarn and its colors; spendy (relatively speaking), but if you're going to spend the time or you intend to make something special, why not? Cascade 220 is a good choice, and you can't beat the color selection; I've seen several Alice St*rmore sweaters in 220 that looked lovely. Cottage Craft makes very nice, inexpensive yarns - http://townsearch.com/cottagecraft/index.htm They appear to have no reds in their online color cards, but I've seen scans of the cards and the range of colors is excellent. Finally, I myself am dying to work with the yarn from Beaverslide Dry Goods - Clara Parkes from KR really liked it. Good luck choosing - it's tough!


I have recently completed my first sock and I feel as if it is a turning point as well. I wonder what I should tackle now that I can knit socks. Any suggestions?


I actually am using an unsuitable yarn for the 3rd time! GGH Soft Tweed. I love it. But it is like a Lopi, single spun, so it splits pretty bad. Singles don't really do cables well because their is not much twist in them. But I love the cables I get from this. Look on the blog for photos of the recent pieces http://chrisknits.blog-city.com/a_good_time_was_had_by_all.htm
And here for the red version of this yarn in two sweaters. http://www.chrisknits.blog-city.com/kials_1.htm


I still think sock knitting is a bit of magic.


You're going to laugh, but I used Noro Kureyon for my first cables and the results were pretty danged fabulous. (Oh, and I'm halfway through my "magic fourth" pair of socks...)


I did a post last spring on that annoying cable stitch looseness after the cable. No one really has anything intelligent to say about it. Google me and cables..maybe it will show up, because I can't reproduce the twist the stitch, then untwist it on the next row directions before my first cup of tea. Let me warn you that only worked so-so.


I agree with your sock knitting analysis -- for a small project they certainly pack a learning curve punch! have you tried the two circular method yet? I teach people to knit socks on dpn's (I believe that you need to understand what is going on construction wise and it's easier to 'see' it on dpns), but once that's established I love the two circ. method best.


I have a friend knitting St. Brigid and she is using Cascade 220. I laughed when she first told me since she is a joker but no kidding, she abandoned the fancy schmancy aran yarns for Cascade 220 and St. Brigid is gorgeous!


It took me four pairs of socks before I mastered the art of making a pair where the two socks are identical (or close enough to seem identical). Good luck on Bag Number Two!


I'm not as far down the knitting path as Aran, but I understand what you're talking about, as I'm finishing my first pair of socks and feel like I've reached some mountaintop somewhere, although a little mountain, not a big Mt. Everest thing. But that's what I love about knitting--there's always more to learn, more to achieve, and all the time in the world to do it.


I think Patons Classic Merino is my favorite for cables (if the gauge matches), but Cascade 220 is really pretty close. Peruvian Collection is okay - I love their color variety. Just like sock knitting and the vanishing ladders after several socks, cabling issues usually dissappear with practice.


I have yet to reach a sock that has not ladders! But your words are encouraging since I am on the first sock of the third pair and, by gosh, they do look better. (I am also using five needles and somehow this seems to help.

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