If you are leaning toward door #3 then that is the right way to go. Socks are always our best friends. They are easy, fun and love us no matter what.


How about a mitered or modular knit? I know you have done a few lately. Or Entrelac. I love the ones Sarah has done.

For me? Gem Drop. Time waster extraordinaire!


I would at least stop working on it while you decide, comeing from someone known to keep going and going. Think about a side to side pattern. Does this HAVE to be a pullover?


I must need to have my eyes checked 'cos I se beautiful colors and lots of broken up lines. Are you sure you won't wear it?


Side to side pattern: Sonnet from Knitty. Not a pullover, but I've made it & really, really liked it. I used yarn that striped too & vertically, they were very flattering. :)

The Howdy Doody Show = Peanut Gallery.

(Did I spell "Doody" right? It doesn't look right....)

And a high-five for Sudoku! I play it at lunchtime when I'm subbing. Certainly makes the time fast....albeit frustratingly! hehe


I vote for #3. And it would make a very cute baby sweater. I do love how well your shoes and sock match!


Oh no no no don't return such a gorgeous cotton. Go sideways if you must or baby and oh something else equally lovely. Great, another yarn for the Covet List. Sweet socks there by the way!


I'll advise option #2.

Love those shoes. What a fun color!

kristi and otis

Sharon - I swear, I just don't see what you are seeing about the colors - is this some optical illusion thing that I'm just not getting? My motto is - if YOU don't like it and probably won't wear it- frog it no matter what other people say.


I find, any more, that I need to work from multiple skeins at once with hand-dyed yarns. I almost always use two (and in one case, for a sweater that hangs in the shop now, three--because two still made weird color puddles) skeins to prevent odd patterning (stripes, puddles, zig-zags, and the like).

Try reknitting the piece with dual strands, alternating every two rows (knit across/back with A, switch, knit across/back with B, switch, repeat). I switched to two hanks with the Twizzle sweater I'm making and it's a completely different fabric than the very start, with just one.

Free Sudoku

I love Sudoku !


I say forge on ahead. Those lines are all broken up in a rather cool pattern. I think the horizontal stripe rule is not universally applicable. I have seen some that work - when I look at that i don't think "stripes". Really. I think it's going to be great. I'm still trying to figure out my "H". The socks are cute and Those shoes are very cool, I may have to look for some - I am shoe poor right now.


OMG, where do I sign up for MindLines. ; )


Someone totally has to get to work on the Mindlines thing! I say go with #3 if that's what you feel.


Re your sweater, it appears to me to be stockinette stitch. What happens if you do seed stitch? That will usually break up stripes in multi-colored yarn. You could leave the rest of the sweater as already knit but just redo the front in seed stitch.

Linda Wolf

Lovely colors in the sweater. My suggestion was the same as Rob. Use two hanks at once alternating strands. It really works and gives a totally different look. Try a swatch wide enough to give the effect you have already for a few inches then switch to alternating strands for at least six inches to get a good feel for how the yarn will act for you. Good luck. It means reknitting but if you get a lovely sweater you love, it is worth it. L


Gosh it's a tough decision about the variegated yarn. The sweater - perfect fit? But the way the pooling is working with that yarn it nearly looks like patterning. You really wouldn't wear it? I would probably have to go with #3 because if you won't wear it, it's a waste of good pretty yarn. Make something else that you won't hate. How did that winter-time chenille afghan idea come out?

The games. Oh the games. I vary on the games but occasionally one will get me in its grip. Thankfully it's been a while since the time I usually get into computer games is when I'm so stressed I need it to take my mind off of bad stuff like my nasty X.


I love the Mindlines concept. It's only a matter of time.

I used to have a terrible addiction to Freecell. Knitting and spinning solved that. I've resisted Sudoku. But I will follow your other link. No self control here, eh?

I vote for #3. #2 would be a distant second choice. Never #1.


I'm down with the Mindlines too. I'm always drafting an entry or two in my mind, but they rarely make it to the blog.

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