Graciousness can go a long way, can't it? I sort of wrote about that today - respect in blogging. I think it should be a prerequisite.

Anyway, thanks for the list. I will try very hard not to jab anyone with my needles.


Once again, your insight and wit have created a blog post worthy of comment. I do so not like the snarky blogs and the ones where popularity went to their head. I am not one of the cliches, never claimed to be, never wanted to be. I just want to have the ability to brag, I mean, blog, about what's going on in my world. I love it when people read, adore it when people post and choose my favorites based on their kindness and wit. Yours is high on that list.


Gee, where have I been?

I only recently found out that there was something going on about being "in" or "out" in Blogland.

I've blogging and I've gotten so much out of it. I'm glad for the knitters and crocheters that I've met and the knowledge that I've gained.

As usual, you say it best.


That's a nice post, Sharon. Love your list.


Great list, Sharon! We can always count on you to put things in perspective.


Well written!!


Well said Sharon!


Wonderful point about Bloglines subscribers - quantity vs. quality! As for me, I'm all for quality. :::Grin::: Great post!


A fine and thought provoking post Sharon.


Well, I'm not a religious person, but I have to give you a hearty AMEN for that post! I've missed the lateset blog popularity controversy, but you've really hit all the salient points and had something insightful to say, so I thank you.


Amen sister!!! Thanks for an insightful post - I will continue to be a devoted reader no matter how famous and popular you become!


Good post, Sharon! The golden rule works in blogland very well...if people choose to follow it. Are we having fun? Are we knitting? YES!!


Ah, popularity is a state of mind. As traumatic as high school was for some of us, some of the things we learned there are still true: More people like you than you know, and you'll never know who they are until you start to notice. Hardly anyone comments on my blogs, but lots of people say to me, "I loved that photo on your blog the other day...". My blog's for me, but it's a gift when other people enjoy it, even when they don't leave tracks.


I like what you have to say. There have been some "popular" blogs out there that I have deleted from bloglines because they were downright cruel at times. That it certainly their right (free speech and all), but I reserve the right to patronize blogs that are positive and interesting and inspiring. Keep up the good work.


I am a few days behind on this particular thread but I will say that I'm mostly fine with the small group who I read and who reads me. Many of whom commented here oddly enough, great minds and all that. I can't deny however that although I have more subscribers than some, I have far fewer comments than most and I can't put my finger on why. I have a teeny tiny complex about it. Somehow I suspect I'll survive;)

Great list. I might have to post a copy in my office to keep me behaving...


Hm, this seems to have generated quite the conversation, hasn't it? ;) I have a feeling you would have guessed this about me, but because one person can have many kinds of blogs, I think a knitting blog should be primarily about knitting. It's okay to read the occasional meme or personal post because that gives the knitting some context, but the more knitting content the better, as far as I'm concerned.

And that kind of goes for swaps and gifts too - if a blogger is swapping and gifting, that's all cool, but sometimes I tend to see more posts about what someone has purchased than what they're knitting with what they've bought. Again, like the personal content, it's interesting, but there's nothing more inspiring than seeing a beautiful FO.


I so completely heart your ending list!


That's a great list :o)

Mary Beth

Well done. It's not any one blogger's fault that things can get messy. It's new territory - do the same social rules apply in blogland? Ask any middle/high schooler about IM'ing and they'll tell you about fall-out!


I love this "I don't want to be a piggy." heh

It took me a while to find the source of all this "controversy". I am always surprised to realize that I'm not reading the controversial blogs. They're not on my bloglines and I'm not interested in keeping up with what they're writing about. Am I "out of it" or not reading the right people? ha I think the issues at hand must be one of the underlying reasons I don't read them. I'm just fine with staying in the dark about gripey insecure people who don't know how to be nice. Nuff said.


Another great entry, Sharon. You said it all so beautifully- as usual. :)


I really appreciate your posting, and I TOTALLY agree with you! Yes, I try not to care about blopularity (blog-popularity), but a little part of me definitely does! Which, I might add, was why I was SO psyched to see one of my postings on your sidebar! I feel like I've made it into the blogger's sidewalk of fame! Take care, Carla


Fab list. ;-]


such a wonderful post...

i'm really glad i'm back at this knitblogging thing. i forgot how great so many of the people were - yourself notably included. :)


Great post, well said. Thank you.


Boy, am I late to the table on this one. Very wise post. You managed to discuss the topic without potshots.

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