I tried skiing once. That probably won't happen again, because it feels too out-of-control for me.


thank you. sharon, for your blog.
i want to go to ireland and live for a couple months. d/t the need to earn a living it will be some time or winning the lottery (i should buy tickets!) before i will be able to do this.
blessings and may the new year bring you many wonderful knitting adventures.


I've done gliding... you know where a plane with an engine tethers to a plane with no engine, takes it up into the air and lets it go. I thought it would be fun. But what the heck was I thinging? THERE'S NO ENGINE!!!!

What I'd like to do? Live in Europe. England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy... maybe France too. A year or two in each country. Now to hit the lottery! Or get the job I'm going after.


Ah, aren't we all suckers for comments? But a good contest does bring us out of lurkdom! I rode a roller coaster once and told God that if he allowed me to survive I would never do it again. He kept his promise and I've kept mine. I would like to take a road trip across country and stop and all the major attractions in each state - knitting my way across country as it where.


frighteningly enough the rumor was true! i've been sitting in FULL sunlight knitting (well until i came over to the computer...i think i was happier in the sun lol...comp can wait til after sunset)

far too many things i'd like to do...travel (esp. in europe) is high on the list but unlikely...as for "no thank you i don't care to do that again"? knitting with fun fur *shudder* i don't mind fuzzy knits but that stuff was horrid (definitely UN-fun)...i couldn't even make myself finish the project...luckily it wasn't expensive material (i refuse to call it yarn)...sorry if i offend...just my opinion!

glad to see you've finished (nearly) baggy...any chance of your doing a 'finished project reveal' at the shop? *grin*


Fun contest Sharon!

Something I'd like to do and haven't done before is make a knitted item for myself. A sweater. A felted tote. A scarf even. Dunno what it will be, but this year I will end up keeping some of my FOs for myself!

Something I've done and won't do again (I know you only asked for one thing but I'm a chatty kind of girl) is put superwash wool through the dryer even though they said on the label to let it lay flat to dry. Silly me.

Kathy in San Jose

Knitting-wise, I'd like to try fair-isle (but I hate weaving in ends). If I ever finish the 2 sweaters I'm working on, I might try something with a steek in it, but I don't know...! Or maybe I'll do fair-isle in the round and steek it (eek!)?

On the other hand, I designed a top-down, seamless, set-in sleeve sweater for my hubby. Why? Because I thought I could. I wouldn't do it again, though, my brain hurt from trying to wrap it around the concepts needed (although I love Barbara Walker's Knitting From the Top Down). To make it even better, it is my first knitted sweater ever! I have crocheted several tops, and sewed more, so I understood the concepts. Getting my fingers to do the right thing was an issue, though!

Thanks for a great blog!


Something I'd like to do is knit my first sweater!


Knitting wise, something I probably won't do again is knit an instarsia argyle sweater with five different colors. It was a kit and the colors were beautiful, but the constant bobbin untangling nearly did me in.

Enjoy your blog - thank you!


Something I'd like to do is take a cruise through the panama canal.

Something I've tried and won't do again? Buy a used car from a dealer. :D


Sunscreen! Good girl, Sharon! I slathered on a bit this morning, too. OK, something I've done that I never want to do again: I co-produced a 5 or 6 PM TV newscast at a mid-Missouri NBC affiliate when we were short-staffed. I loved reporting and anchoring. Producing...not so much. Not knit-related, but perhaps something you didn't know about me before? Have a great week!


P.S. Knitting-wise, I once knit with Sirdar Fizz to help a friend with a shop-sample. NEVER again! Bleck!


I want to weave on a real loom. Will I ever? Who knows. I would love to make a soft shawl.


i will never do intarsia-in-the-round again. i hated it!

oh, but in other news... i've always wanted to do something daring and exciting. i want to basejump, sky dive, or something like that.


I would like to buy a wheel & learn to spin but I'm too afraid that :

1. I won't like it and end up with an expensive ornament.

2. I like it and my husband will have to buy me a home of my own just to store all my yarn & fiber.


I went hiking for 5 hours and was very suprised I liked it.. oh but that doesn't count does it.. hrmm..

I would like to learn to fly a Helicopter, that would be rad!

Pat K

I would someday like to hike (backpacking) the Grand Canyon from the North Rim to the South. Taking knitting along the way, of course.

Thanks, Sharon. Enjoying your blog!


I knit one pair of lace knee-high socks and said "never again." When anyone asks, I say, "I don't knit socks." I rode a camel once in Australia. Not keen to repeat that experience either.

Linda W

OK Sharon, I'll bite. Something I've done and will never do again. Go to a foreign country with $200 in my pocket and no return ticket. Plus, I did not speak the language. Getting a job to get home was VERY interesting to say the least. I made it without begging off the parents though and learned a lot about myself in the process. No regrets, but will NEVER do it again. Linda

Linda W

The knitting related part of getting home was the little old German lady who spoke as much English as I did German who taught (forced) me to do continental knitting for the 8 odd hours flight. It was also this trip where I became a "real" knitter since I had some free time and yarn is very reasonable in Germany. I would go back for the yarn but only with a return ticket! L

Judy H in NC

First off, something that I would never do again....downhill skiing. In case of nation emergency and they say "ski to safety", I'm going to reply "SHOOT ME HERE!" Lessons and one trip up the lift (I'm the one they had to pull out from under the lift at the top) and one ski/walk downhill, I sat on a pillow for a week!

Secondly, something that I am going to do again...another pair of socks. Couldn't understand the "sock craze" but did it anyway. I'm hooked...in fact, I think I'll stop and go buy some more sock yarn!


I'm always up for a good contest. Lessee.... I've never ridden a horse along the edge of the sea, but I'd like to do that. I underwent a procedure where I was sedated enough to be unable to say the anesthesia wasn't working, but not far enough under not to remember and feel the entire thing. NEVER want to do that again - EVER.


I haven't spun any of my handspun yarn. Weird huh? Soon though. And to add, I am a new spinner so it isn't like I have a mountain of spinning to knit.


I haven't knit any of my handspun yarn. Weird huh? Soon though. And to add, I am a new spinner so it isn't like I have a mountain of spinning to knit.


I want to skydive and to visit all seven continents (only three to go!). I know there are things that I've done that I'd never do again, and I remember saying that several times in my life, but I can't remember what it is that I won't do again after having tried it once. I suppose that just makes things all the more exciting.


Something I've done and would never do again? I finished an Ironman Triathlon. 2.4 miles swim, 110 mile bike, and a marathon.

When I crossed the finish line I was like - that's it? After 18 monuths of training for this (which consumed my whole life), crossing the finish line wasn't the life changing experience I thought it would be.

Fun contest!

Sarah G.

Mmmm Noro. I would like to write a novel someday and get it published. My hubby might get a job in Austria for the next 3 years (we find out this weekend), in which case I couldn't work over there, so I'm hoping I could get up the guts to do it then.


Hi all. Thanks for great comments of both the knitting and non-knitting activities you would and wouldn't do. We have lots in common, believe me.


Well, heck, I love both those prizes. I sewed a man's suit once. I will never do that again. It was a hateful experience. Pay a tailor whatever they want - it's worth it! And for a bonus submission...I have never cut a steek. I would like to overcome my fear, but I don't know if I like colorwork enough to get to the point of needing a steek. Now go finish seaming so we can see the baggie sweater.


I've never made an adult sweater that actually fit it's intended recipient. (Of course, I've only made one sweater ever, so there aren't many of my non-fitters wandering around.) My goal for this year is to make a sweater that does fit!! What I'll never do again - eat mango. I tried it once, and it was the worst experience ever! Gross! Never again for me!!
Happy Knitting, and we heart Elvis,


Hmmm I haven't traveled much and I would love to see Europe....just one place right after another....take my time....not worry about getting back for my job or about money. Yep travel.
Or...to whip out beautiful handknits at the speed of light would be pretty cool too.
Or...maybe to spin perfect yarn of any weight I wanted without even thinking about it, that people would oh and ah over when they saw.
Or... just kidding...I'll stop now. :)


what I'd like to do: have a third child (to knit for, of course).
what I've done and won't do again: labor.


I really enjoy your blog! Guess I count as a lurker huh?

Tough question. Something I've never done before but would like to do. Hm. That would have to be live in the Canadian wilderness. Build a nice log cabin near a stream, put up and outhouse somewhere nearby, and farm potatoes.

Maybe a little too weird huh?


Hi there, just testing.


Love this contest--how fun!

Something I'm glad I did once, but never plan to do again: I once rappelled from a 100-foot tower. The rappelling part was fun; however, climbing the ladder to the top of the tower was not. About halfway up, I learned the true meaning of the phrase 'no going back.'


It's January in Wisconsin and I'm having my annual dream of cruising the Mediterranean Sea -- a nice, long one with lots of stops.

; )


what a fun question. i have to think about this for a minute... hmmm.
i live by the rule that if it scares the stuffing out of me, i will usually do it, generally more than once.
so, i have never tried skydiving & have always wanted to.
i would like to learn to snowboard... having ones feet straped to ONE board kind of freaks me out a bit.
and for a good round third choice, i want to travel the world... not just the "civilized" places either.

Lisa Dusseault

Similar story to many others here: I decided one day to jump out of an airplane, just because all my friends were doing it. Well, I was in pain immediately and for the following six hours. Seems my ears can't handle the sudden pressure change. The severe headache detracted greatly from the view at the time and it just wasn't worth it.

I would scuba dive again, though that's probably my husband's most recent "tried once, won't do again" item.


Something I have done and I am not going to do again: two socks on two circulars a.k.a tangle central. I swear, those needles try to attack me, they must know I prefer dpn's!


Something I would like to do is get a tattoo... Something I have done and will never do again is my Masters in Chemistry - I will never write another thesis!


Let's see......I will never bungee jump or skydive. Never. Ever.


Ha! I failed. I didn't read your request well enough, obviously. I'm having a lot of that lately. Hee.

All right, something I've done but will never do again. Hmmmmmm...thinking, thinking....Oh, yes, I know: Eat haggis.


hmmmmm.....Something I want to do is solve world hunger, no wait, thats for Mrs. America,ummmm....I want to learn cable knitting and learn to play a musical instrument. Something I don't want to do again would be working for someone else instead of owning my own business.


I will never, ever, ever, EVER eat a raw oyster again...oh ugh!!! Give me cooked mussels anyday, but oysters *shudder*

Something that I want to do is live in a place where english is NOT spoken! Brussels is way to englishized (is that even a word? is now) and my french is not used at all practically! The place would not have to be french speaking....I'll take anywhere....well, almost anywhere! *grin*


I'd really like to travel more. Funny thing is I hate to travel but I want to go to places like Egypt and Greece. I'm hoping some of my travel issues will have gone away once the kids are grown and the husband and I can see a bit more of the world.


Part 1 - something I'd like to do and haven't: Travel overseas. With Kids. The whole European Union in 3 weeks kind of trip.

Part 2 - something I've done and will never do again: water ski. I'm just not confident enough in my own swimming skill to let a speedboat pull me behind it ever again.


Sharon, you really posed an interesting question that I mulled over even before reading others's comments. I see how much I am like many other responders, not only in projects I'd like to tackle but in other explorations as well.

I've gone up in a hot air balloon and a glider (no engine) and would do both again in a heartbeat. I loved white water rafting so count me in. Rock scrambles made me nervous but I felt exhilarated once completed. So I'd even do that again.

I'd love to travel more, particularly to Utah, after seeing Margene's photos. I too want to visit Ireland. Yes, all of Europe would be great. And the Orient too would be fun. I'd check out Rowan in England. See the Great Wall In China. My Aunt and Uncle are there now as Missionaries and they just sent me some pics of them on the Great Wall.

I'd also like to do some intarsia knitting, steeking and more felting. And I love cables.

See that's my problem. There are so many projects, adventures and places to visit I'd need another lifetime. And that's what makes life so interesting....there's always more to do.


OK, Sharon, the possibility of winning some Kureyon as successfully pulled me from lurkdom.
Here's what I've done, that I'll never do again: Leave a WIP on an airplane.

Well, hopefully I'll never do it again.


Something I have not done but would like to: Hike the entire Appalachian Trial in one trip.

Something I will never do again: Agree to knit a queen sized blanket. Never. Again.

Bev Watts

Although I am really not a wimp about many things, I will never go deep sea fishing again. The first time, I was terribly sick and knew that I was going to die, along with my whole family, in the Sea of Cortez (Cabo San Lucas). I threw up for about five solid hours. Two years later, my hubby convinced me that my sickness was a fluke and I should go again. Same sickness, relieved only by 30 minutes of interesting stuff when a Marlin was reeled in. All this fun for a mere $800 bucks. bev

Katie C RAOK

I would love to be able to go back to Europe. I used to go every year for 5 years until I got married and now for the past 7 1/2 years I have nt left this country.


Something I like to do..... Somehow get a wise ass/macho/pain in the ass, male to eat rocky mountain oysters and then ask him how in enjoyed eating sheep testicles?


O.K. that was supposed to posted Something I'd like to do. I have NEVER done the testicle thing yet!

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