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Sharon--sounds as though Lindsey is a sister to a young woman I spoke to at Pitney Bowes a couple of weeks ago. She brought rude to new heights and had NO respect for her elder(Moi)!


Oooo.... yep... I recently called just to cancel my AOL high-speed and switch to BYO access and they gave me a spectacular deal. Change can be such a great thing! :)


Oh yeah, AOL. Those customer agents get paid a commission for every person they can talk out of leaving, and that has resulted in their being investigated for shady practices. This was in the papers recently, as in within the past few weeks. Check it out.

I used to get AOL for free because of a mutual-development agreement between my employer and AOL. Thing is, I already had multiple email accounts, so I almost never used the account -- even though it was free. When the agreement between the companies ended, we were all given the option to continue our AOL accounts and pay the fees ourselves, but I decided to cancel mine simply because I wasn't using it.

The associate who handled my call did the same thing to me, and I had to explain that I wasn't using the account when I had it for free, so why would I pay for something I already wasn't using? It pays to be persistent, but I was exhausted after the exchange. I'm sure AOL's retention policy is based on wearing people down until they're too tired to argue any more.


35 minutes is good! I'd take 35 minutes. I'd take an hour if it equalled a quality post such as any of yours. It's when I spend an hour or more trying to write something and I still "got nothing" that it bothers me and I get all whiney! This happens more than I care to admit! =)

And I'm happy to say that I will never have the "pleasure" **read PAIN** of speaking to anyone from AO(hel)L.


good for you for beating down the script-reading, rude sales rep. i'd love to cancel AOL, but my husband doesn't want to give up his email addy either although he's the last one using it.


Whatchya doin' engaging in blogplay when you have a cold? One infectious disease does not deserve another! Remember, it is 'feed the cold, starve the blog.' It is NOT 'starve the cold, feed the blog.'

Unless, of course, you're just bored out of your wool pickin' mind. ;)


Wow, 35 minutes to post a blog entry would be a record for me. I'm a bad typist, and I usually put lots in links. Next, I rewrite and rewrite. Then, I look the next day or so, and more errors, so I fix and fix. Mostly, it's due to carelessness.

Sarah G.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your presentation at the guild meeting last night. I've always loved journaling and now I'm inspired to keep better hard copies of my knitting records to pass on someday.

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