After this winter with my back ruling (and ruining) my life I had the same 'ah ha' moment. I have loved getting my body moving and 'training' it, working hard and watching it, seeing it respond. It has been the best thing I've ever done for ME! Even better than knitting a new sweater;-)
You go grrl!
Love the color of your new to be Kimono!


Just love the yarn, colors are so cool. I have been working out at Curves here in Florida for a year now and I love it. I have lost 20 pounds 21 inches and 15% body fat. Keep up the good work, working out does make you feel better.

Officially A Knitter

Hello. I just found out today from talking to my wonderful knitting instructor, LynnH, that I am actually a former student of yours. I had you for eighth grade English if I recall. If you're curious as to who I am, ask Lynn, as I am anal retentively paranoid about plastering my name on the internet.

Congratulations on your retirement!!


Good for you! What a great goal and think of all the possibilities it would open. That is very very cool.

I'm tickled and delighted that my Dad, who has committed to 1 more year of teaching, has been using his summer vacation to take himself to the pool in their new "retirement" community every single day. Sounds like he's got the same idea as you. :)


I still cannot believe the yarn diet! I would fail so miserably. In fact, I'm going shopping for crafty stuff tomorrow. There's a big sale at Village Crafts, hoorah! Amanda


Thanks for the link to the petition. I just heard about this tonight at my SnB group and it's totally ridiculous. I'd also like to highly recommend that you check out a yoga class in your quest for a happier body. It has worked wonders for me and will help you on many other levels as well. Can't wait to see the kimono! Sounds like a really cool class.


Thank you for posting the link to the MoveOn petition. Everyone who possibly can should also call or e-mail their congressional representative. You can find more info online at http://kcts.org/inside/features/federalfunding.asp as well.

(I am pretty sure I've commented here before -- I really hope you won't mind that I posted this. This is a serious situation for public broadcasting and, well, I work in the industry so I know a bit about it.)

I can't imagine retirement right now though I have begun saving for that day... and I do know what it's like to get in shape after getting a bit weighty and out of shape. It feels GOOD. You will love Curves soon!



Lurk off:

Congrats on your retirement!! By all means find something else you like to do and GO FOR IT!!

As for moving your body, have you explored Tai Chi? All of the Tai Chi masters I've known are 80-90++, look decades younger and can seriously kick the butt of all the younger, hard-core hard former (karate, judo, TKD, etc). It not particularly aerobic, but is great for balance and flexibility.

Good luck with all your plans!!

:Lurk on

Sharon Skaryd

Your comment about needing a "ceremony" is similar to my thinking. It bothered me that most of the things you do in life give you a "second" chance. You can have more than one child, you can even get married again, but retirement is one thing you only do once. But you're pretty much on your own.

As a business woman, I felt I could cope with most anything, but it was unsettling to try to understand the requirements for social security. There just aren't any tutorials. And I found that sometimes even the Federal Social Security Administration workers don't know the answers because I got two major conflicting answers when I asked the same question of two different workers.

But you'll love it!

At 63 I'm still young and healthy and can look forward to many years with my husband who retired when he was 50!!!


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