Congratulations- I'm sure it must be overwhelming, but how wonderful to be able to look back on 33 years of hard work in a field that actually has meaning- how wonderful to start a new chapter in your life!


Congratulations Sharon, as you embark upon a new chapter of your life!


Congratulations Sharon on this new page of life that you are entering! I will be looking forward to reading how you chose to occupy your time, even if it is just nothing....although I hope you find the time away from nothing to knit some....and of course to increase your stash a little bit :-) Bonne Chance et Bonne Vie!


Congratulations Sharon --- although you won't officially be retired until you hear those yellow busses in the fall!


Congratulations on your retirement from the daily grind! Enjoy this summer. I suppose if there's one goal to have in retirement, it might be to knit up some of that stash, but it's perfectly fine to have no goals other than to enjoy every minute of every day.


Liv enters first grade in the Fall. Everyone keeps asking me "What are you going to do?"

I am going to BE.

And I am going to enjoy every single solitary moment of it!

Congratulations, Sharon. Your life will expand to fill the time, I'm sure.


Happy Retirement! Think of all the knitting time you now have available!


Wow, Sharon - congratulations! What a milestone in your life. :) I wish you many, many happy and productive years ahead!


Wow Sharon! Congratulations. What a wonderful and exciting time in your life. No doubt, the school and kids will miss you terribly.


What an exciting time! Think of all the fun things you can do, try, experience and enjoy! Congratulations on your retirement. :)


Congratulations, Sharon! What a great thing it must be to have all that potential stretched out in front of you and to know you can do absolutely anything with it that you want to!

Sarah G.

Oh my goodness, congratulations on your retirement! You do know this means, we'll all be expecting lots more knitting progress, right? :) Just kidding, enjoy it!


Time to learn how to hang glide, climb mountains, tour the Continent, sit in your cofy chair and knit...master of your own time. Overwhelming, yes? Hope this means I get to see more of you!





I can't believe it! You're retiring? Fabulous! I love being retired, except for the money part. It took me about five days before I realized I needed to have some structure in my life. So I still work. Just not so pressured. Anyway, all the best.


wooo hooo hooo! Congratulations. Now you have time to open a yarn shop.


Congrats! Now think of all the knitting you can complete!


YOU can do anything and just what that will be is YOUR choice. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the time, your time!


Congratulations on your retirement! I recently started reading your blog. It is so nice to know that you are a fellow educator who knits.

My friends who have retired tell me that they wonder how they had time to teach. Their lives are full of many varied and wonderful things. I know that yours will also be full of the things you want to do and be!

Teresa C

Congratulations Sharon! Such a great time in your life, you have worked for and earned it. I'll bet you don't really feel it until the fall when you are still going for a walk, knitting, watching the leaves change, but not going back to work. If you get too bored and lonely, isn't there a yarn store that might need some part-time help nearby? ;)


Wow, Congratulations! How exciting! My mother was an educator and school counseler too and loved it and finally retired last year. At age 73. Being as she outlived 2 ex-husbands, yep, she divorced them and still had honored seats at their funerals, I don't think she knows what to do with herself. Poor thing, she doesn't knit.
Have a blast!


The pictures as metaphor ware wonderful. This is such a fabulous time for you. It is a thing to savor, to enjoy, to plan joyfully. I hope it is everything that you have dreamed it would be, and want it to be. Mazel tov!


Oh my goodness, what a great achievement. Congratulations! Enjoy this wonderful time. As Laurie says, Mazel tov!

And, thanks for the mention on your sidebar. I appreciate it.


Oh that is wonderful! Congratulations and enjoy *your* time!


Yay for you! I hope you enjoy every single second of your "vacation!"


Congratulations, Sharon! Enjoy the time that you can call your own. It is a blessing. I hope we get to meet up some day soon.




Congratulations on such a great milestone! The adjustment period will be strange, I'm sure, so here is some advice. It comes from a conversation with a newly-retired Michigan teacher at my cousin's bridal shower this summer - as you can see, my sample size is small, but relevant :)

1. Do not lounge around in your pajamas all day if you can help it. It's fun once, but becomes disconcerting (to you and others) quickly.

2. Do not assume you have to accomplish big things quickly to ensure that your time in retirement is "worthwhile". Take it one step and one stitch at a time, just as you have been, but relish the attention you can pay to each task without having to split your time between work and other things.

Even if you don't enjoy every minute, try and enjoy as many minutes as possible.


Congrats on a well deserved endless vacation! I hope your days are full of whatever you wish, and the joy of finding a new balance is overflowing.


Congratulations, Sharon! I'm sure the ambivalence now is to be expected, but I hope as the summer progresses and morphs into your first non-school year, you'll be so busy enjoying this new stage and the freedoms it entails that there will only be fond memories but no regret when you catch site of busses passing by.


Enjoy yourself! I cannot imagine the luxury of knowing that my summer vacation would be endless! I know you will find many, many ways to fill those hours. I am always amazed at how the retired teachers change after one year: they all look several years younger, and their diets finally "work"! Have fun!


Please let me add my congrats!! Best wishes for a happy, healthy and LONG retirement!! :)


Congratulations, Sharon hope you have a great time and just love your blog. Hope to see or meet you next time I am in Michigan.


Congrats Sharon! It's great to hear that you can do anything you want! No pressure, but I can't wait to see all your new projects!


Congratulations! It sounds like you had a great career. Enjoy your endless summer.


Congratulations on a new stage of life! You can make it be whatever you want:
...a little leisure
...a little time spent learning something you never had time for before
...a little visiting with friends
...a smile that you can wake up knowing you don't HAVE to be anywhere, doing ANYTHING on someone else's time schedule today
...a whole lot of knitting
...finding some new friends who have "schedules" that match your new one
...a time to slow down and just enjoy the moment

Sharon Skaryd


I know exactly where you're coming from because a year ago I retired after 43 years of working!! (The last 23.5 years I was with St. Mary's Medical Center in Saginaw.) Now, a year later, I am still thrilled with my new life, but at the same time I find myself wasting so much time!!! I thought I'd accomplish everything, but instead I do very little.

Thanks for reminding me of my promises to myself.

Sharon Skaryd

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