Great post, one I will have to visit when I return from Daytona. You can bet I won't be wearing any hand knit wollens down there this weekend!


Dappher suggests "Simply Beautiful Sweaters..." as a reference book. I have one in my personal library...would you like me to bring it by the shop for your perusal and/or for you to borrow?

Yes, we have them for sale, but why not borrow mine to see how you like...no?

General Ginger

Wow, thanks for your knitting candor. It takes a lot of guts to review and own up to our knitting results. Its tough to accept the fact that the end results are not what we'd hoped for and that all the knitting time and energy counts for experience rather than something wearable. Good for you for committing to ripping and reknitting!


I never keep disasters. Out they go...Goodwill, gifts (if nice enough) or just the trash. Just didn't want a bad vibe hanging around.


Knitting disasters? I have one that is still staring me in the face from a couple of years ago. It's for me so it can wait a while longer. Most things I make turn out pretty much okay. If they don't they get transformed back to stash. I hate being reminded of mistakes. It's just rude.


I too have plenty of projects in my closet that are less than wearable.I'm finding I need to do better in the arena of project selection and yarn selection. With better choices, I think I could have a higher success rate...I tell myself it's what makes knitting so interesting!


I sure recognize myself in your post - handknit sweaters in my closet that I haven't worn for years and don't ever want to wear again.

But my socks are my fame. I know how to make socks that fit and my entire family, all generations, ask for them. I have to ration them out. Fortunately I really like knitting them.


I actually do wear most of the things I knit and crochet for myself. I especially like to wear my knitted socks.

It's gotten to the point that others think that I make every knitted or crocheted item that I do wear.

Oh, thanks for letting me lnow what a meme is. I sort of guessed, but I didn't know for sure.

Teresa C

Analyzing our knitting past and present can be a pretty daunting thing. There are a lot of things that I wore a bit then gave away because event though I loved it, it just didn't work on me. And at the time I didn't have the heart to rip and rework (I have matured there). I have also matured in regards to my choices. I love a challenging knit, but it seems the things that are easier, but are made with a great yarn get more attention, and in some ways are much more wearable. I actually find this dissappointing, I would love the technically challenging projects to be as wearable as the simpler ones. When choosing a project it is always a bit of a double edged sword. So I try to have a few things on the needles to juggle so I don't get too bored with the less demanding projects.

And what you say about fit is very important. I pay so much attention to making sure that what I am working on fits the way I expect it to. I didn't used to do that, which left me with some really beautiful, but unwearable garments. After spending that many hours on something, I (or the intended) should really be able to wear it.


I think it may have been Bron's blog :

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