Oh no - sounds like a bad case of the winter blahs. Yikes. Hope tonight's knitting cheers you a bit even if it doesn't completely make the doldrums go away.


Oh I can so relate to this post! I am especially tired of the same food over and over again. I have a lot of trouble finding things to eat that I actually will enjoy eating that I haven't already had a million times and am so sick of. Right now, if I didn't need to eat to exist, I wouldn't bother.


OMG, I could have written the exact same thing. In fact, I almost wrote a "blahs" post on my blog earlier in the week, but just didn't feel up to it! Do you think there's any cure for these January blahs?


Oh my gosh. We're all a bunch of winter blah clones. I just said to my husband that I'm so bored with eating and wish I didn't have to bother with it. If that's the case I don't know why I'm not very very thin. At least down here in Texas it's been a beautiful 70+ degree day. My only other blah is that by the time I finish the socks I've started I won't want to be wearing any.


Amen sista! Holy cow can I relate or what?! The only thing I feel like doing lately is sitting on my butt and knitting. Must be that time of year. I think bears have the right idea. We should all just hybernate, wait it out and sleep off those extra holiday pounds for a couple months. Doesn't that just sound lovely?! But seriously, I hope a relaxing evening will recharge you. :)


I also can relate to your post about January. Good thing you're not tired of knitting!


That's not a to-do list, it's a WANT-to-do list. Entirely different beast. Much, much more fun.


Now, the blahs and chocolate and being Tired of things all in one post? That's bad, dear, and can only be fixed by lots more chocolate and perhaps red wine?


Uh oh, Sharon -- Looks like the classic symptoms of Sick-of-winter-itis to me! The best possible cure is, of course, to get away to someplace warmer for at least a weekend. If that's not possible, maybe a trip to the day spa is in order... but you definitely need a break in the routine! I'm off to New Orleans next week. It's not Bermuda, but it'll be an improvement on January in Maine!

A Touch of Style

And I thought that it was just me. I found a way around it... a little at least. I'm pampering myself each and every day until it gets warm. ;) If that means sitting in front of a fire and reading for an hour or two, so be it. Pampering just might be what you need too. I say go for it!



January is the pitts!! We can't see 20' today! It's nice to know this will all be over but truly not quickly enough. That sweater looks so awesome it should brighten the day a little AND you can't eat too much chocolate this time of year.

Mary Beth

Hair static, snow days, holiday bills, lost mittens - tired of all that. Hope the bath helped!


Your evening plans sound like heaven to me. I'm in the same "blah" mood as you. We need a tropical getaway....blog convention, anyone?


January will do that to you ! Hope your planned evening leaves you feeling less low.


A thought crossed my mind when reading your post which I CAN SO RELATE TOO!!! I'm wondering if it's not the food, temps, or season, but rather 'the times'. Could be our (my) information overload...we are bombarded by so much news, so many negative things, so many advertisements...I believe we all need a time to retreat and escape all the things we do not NEED to know about. (for a little while to perserve ourselves)(without feeling guilty about it..of course because we have it so much better than millions of people! HA-HA...no guilt...right?)Seriously- your book, bath, movie, gentle chore, & knitting sounds EXACTLY what you need (me too)!!! 'The Times' seems to be getting more complicated...and the simple things we need the most! I know I do! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!!!

Jacque Meadows

I love January because all of the gardening catalogs have started to come - that means it is almost spring! Hurray! Just think, sunny daffodils, aromatic peonies, lush lilacs- What do you mean 5-10 inches of snow tonight?!

By the way, Sharon, I LOVE how the sweater looks with the great fasteners! I won't be at guild for a while because I have started the Master Gardener course at MSU, and they only meet Tuesday nights - for 11 weeks.

Have more chocolate and if you want I Will mail you some of my flower catalogs...


I (like everyone else) whole-heartedly agree! I am sick of the snow and sick of the parking bans! (the tub water temperature has been a loosing battle here too; now I just fill the tub with hot water and do something else for a bit then check on it and jump in when it feels "just right.") I hope your evening left you feeling less "blahs" and more "hurrahs!"


January is about the only time I don't feel guilty about sitting around and knitting and reading because it is too awful for anything else. I'm lucky because my birthday is in February so I have something to look forward to all during January. (I hope I will never be too old to enjoy my own special day)


Sing it Sister! Me too. I just hate the whole damn winter thing and I can't imagine how it might be in a place that actually gets cold (I'm in Central Texas)! I have thought most of this to myself for weeks now. All I want to do is knit and be left alone. Is there some kind of Knitting Spa? I could really go for that. Surely some enterprising person has figured out what a gold mine it would be...

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