What a great idea, a list of NOTS!
Why, just why, can't chocolate be good for us and exercise bad?


Ahem! Oh, but scientific evidence shows chocolate IS good for you (but probably not in the amount I like to consume)! Tee hee hee! I like your list of nots!


I think I like this better than stating, what I probably will break, promises to myself.


Looks like you are "Finding Neverland"! Cool outlook on the New Year ;)


Chocolate in small amounts, coffee in small amounts, black tea in small amounts, green tea in large quantities=all good things. I guess the answer is balance in all things - don't run toward, don't run away from. Is that Zen enough from zenknit? I can see the just say no to intarsia, but fair-isle too? Audio books put me to sleep. I just wish I could learn how to knit and read at the same time (oh heck, as long as I am wishing - add knitting, spinning, reading, blogging, eating and *ahem* sexing all at the same time).


Ohh - I like the "not" list. Much easier to stay on top of than a resolutions list. Good idea!


What a great idea! I'm with you on 1 and 2 and probably 4, 5 and definitely 6.


So happy the contest is still open. It's fun to participate is this sort of thing. Keeps us young at heart and still excited about the chances of winning!!
I love your list of things you won't be doing. I think that is a much better of thinking and well, we have less chance to disappoint ourselves! Thanks for the blog and I really like the name. So creative.


I also like your list of nots. Great idea!

Susie G

Sharon, I think the list of *not* is a wonderful idea. I'm starting with:

Once again I will not learn how to balance my checkbook

followed closely by:

I (hope I) will not bounce a check


I have online banking and I *WILL* visit it more than once a month...

I will not diet again this year
I will not cry (too much...I hope) when my daughter leaves for Japan after marrying her Air Force fiance this spring (and she *will* be learning Japanese!)
I will NOT limit my blog reading time
I will NOT limit my yarn buying to practical purchases...

I can think of a lot more *nots* than *wills*...
Joyeaux nouvelle annee! (and my French isn't real good either)


I have given up making resolutions/promises/goals each year. I just try to do it right all year long. It is hard sometimes, but easier in the long run.



I love it - the "unresolutions"!! What a nice idea, especially knowing how obsessive/compulsive crafty people are by nature. Good on you!


This is great! We all need to give ourselves a break.


Very funny "Not" list. I was thinking along the same lines for a New Year's resolution.. or would it be an unresolution? I'm not sure!


And I will be doing 4 of your "unresolutions" LOL. I'm a vegetarian, I (kind of) do pilates, I've just started intarsia and would like to do more (and fair isle), and I just checked an audiobook out of the library. I've just bloglined your book blog :) (say that 10 times fast)


The "NOT" list is refreshing and I go along with most of it. I only have one "goal" this year and it's private so nobody will know if I fail but me. Oh yeah and Yarn Diets, whose idea was that? I am never going on one of those, I will just have to knit faster. Happy New Year!

colleen p

Great list Sharon! BUT... I love audio books in the car!

PS still hoping for door #3!


I like your list of UN-Resolutions :o) I think one of mine will be: I will NOT worry about unknotting knitted knots that are not working out in a knitted project. Actually, I'm a frogging advocate, but frogging the bigger projects is sort of scary to me, so I shant be afraid! I will not push myself to learn how to do intarsia or fair-isle knitting either - I like that one the best.


All the best for the New Year, Sharon.


Here's to you!!!(raising my cup of coffee) I love the UN resolutions. I will not lose weight, I won't be more focused on my MANY projects, I won't prioritize the things that need to get done! Thanks for such freedom....you know? It might even work :)


I especially like "will NOT push myself to learn intarsia or fair isle." I like it so much I might add it to *my* "nots", inspired by you.

(and if my name is drawn I would probably like the sock yarn best.)



un-resolutions!!! how original.
love it. my hubby loves red meat too
much for the "v" word to even to
mentioned in our household. "F-ish"
is already a bad word...although my
sons and i enjoy it.


I have a good arrangement in my house - I cook vegetables, my husband cooks meat, and we eat whatever. It's so stressless...


Happy New Year to you, Sharon, and thanks for creating TomeStones! I envy anyone who has more time to read good books than I do. (I drive a lot. If it weren't for audio books, I wouldn't get half the reading done that I do manage.)

I like your "nots"! Might have to borrow that idea, but I promise to return it when done.


Love the list of nots.

Happy New Year, Sharon!


I love you, you are so funny. Your posts just crack me up well i dont have much else to say so i guess i will talk with you later.


Well there you go!! You've already broken #5. When does pilates start? LOL!


Nice to see that at least one other person does NOT like audio books. :) I guess I could be converted someday, but it hasn't happened yet.


I really like the idea of UNresolutions!

The only ones of yours I could swear to for myself are #'s 1 and 3. The other things, I might try out. Never snowboarded before... Not that I'd expect to become expert in any of them, but giving them a shot, sure.

This is a comment for the contest, by the way. The KnitWit book would be my first choice.

With that out of the way, what UNresolutions do I have for myself: I will not learn to downhill ski. I will not give in on basic points of principle just to keep other people happy. I will not give up on finding creative work that brings in the money for me.


I won't learn Japanese either - LOL Happy New Year!


I think I would be able to follow the UNresolutions throughout the year much easier than sticking to resolutions; which I never say that I am not going to make but always have one or two secretly find their way in my head that I don't share with anyone - just in case I fall through :D


Happy New Year's Eve, Sharon (even tho I'm writing this late)... I resolve NOT to forget doing nice things for myself even though I have a new baby and it's easy to do too much for others and leave your own needs behind! Muuaahhhhh.... have a wonderful New Year - and my contest pick this time is for the pattern book!

<3 Laura


You've inspired me to make a few resolutions, even though I resolved I would not make a resolution.

I will not sign up for a yarn diet.

I will not keep a knitting log with swatches.


I like your style!

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