Can it be true? I'm the first commenter? No way!

A big thank you to YOU for taking the time to visit MY blog and commenting.


I think "loaf" sounds like the most important part of that day, assuming you're not referring to making a bread here... Made my way here from 6 Sox -- congratulations on one year of blogging!


I so understand what you are saying about blogging and commenting. It is amazing how much time is spent in blog-world. I've gotten like you~ commenting less than I used to. Mainly because I read more blogs, and have less time to blog/comment myself.


Maybe we should approach the networks about a new television show...."Desperate Knitting Bloggers." I'm sure it would be a hit!?!


i don't blog but i do appreciate all the work that
goes into maintaining one. i am getting some great knitting ideas from you who blog...like i need a longer

Sarah G.

Ah, reading the blogs is one of the highlights of my workday. It's such a nice break and transports me into another knit-friendly world for a while. Thanks for being such a dedicated blogger, Sharon! As an aside, this is my second contest entry comment, in case that helps you keep track any easier.


I've really enjoyed reading your posts and your emails. Thanks for making time to share of yourself. May 2005 be very good to you and your loved ones!


Loved this post and how you explained the blogging world.

I agree 100% about the commitment and the time and the joy at receiving comments.

Any clues on where to find that sweatshirt?


I stumbled across your blog from a comment posted on knithead. I agree that getting comments on entries is like icing on the cake.

I really enjoied your entry reflecting on the past year.


I *love* what you wrote about comments on blogs. It captured exactly how I feel about being both a blogger and a commenter on other blogs. I've been thinking about coming up with a blogging schedule for 2005 so that I can give blogging, responding to comments, knitting, and the rest of my life each an appropriate and more consistent amount of attention.


I agree on your comments about blogging. And trying to do it while moving is double hard. I'm stillo trying to finish late gifts - 2 scarves with intarisa, and a hat with the same. Have a wonderful, knitty New Year!


Hi Sharon! Just stopping by to say hi. I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head and I already have the book, but I wanted you to know I was here. No need to reply...I fully know what you mean about the time commitments. And I, too, will have to figure out how to balance things better in the new year. Work is the thing that has been taking a back seat for me, and that has got to STOP!


Darn those simple rules! They can really get you sometimes. Here is my response for today, then. Don't worry about sending me a message, I totally get the amount of time it takes to respond to every comment!


oh goodness, I HOPE our lives are more interesting than Desperate Housewives! (no need to respond...)(the book, if I get lucky)


Great Post. I agree a lot with what you said. Except the Desparate Housewives part. I wish my life was that interesting. Then I could sell it to the networks and make a bundle! But blogging is something that takes time but is very rewarding. And since comments are always appreciated, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and I am glad you are still making time to write.


Thanks for the great post. I have overanalyzed my blogging self into a quiet corner... I may crawl back out once the paint dries, but you said several things that I found soothing. :)

And don't worry, you are not the latest gift-mailer! Mine still aren't out the door yet... but I do this every year, so at least I am consistent.


Hi Sweetie! Happy blogiversary to you. I truly hope you had a wonderful holiday. This has been a good year for blogging for me as well. I met a handful of people I 'chat' with online - including yourself, and I learned so much in terms of knitting.

I should disclose that this is not a comment for the contest. I just want to wish you a very Happy New Year!

colleen p

I'm usually one of those that read and not comment. But I wanted you to know that I think of you as a friend & I look foward to "hearing" from you via your blog!

PS I'm still hoping for the book!


And it's better to knit than tink!


Nice post about comments. I think what it all boils down to is that we all like to know we are not just sending our thoughts into limbo - we all need to have some encouragement to keep sharing once in awhile.


So, I'm not a blogger, but find myself reading them more and more....time I would rather spend spinning or knitting....I find myself wondering, is this "normal"? To blog or not to blog, that appears to be my question of the day!


Thanks for being honest about how you guys all keep up with this stuff. It takes so much time just to read and
I just can't imagine your end of it. Wonderful blog, I really like it and the things you say.


Oooh, I almost forgot to comment today.
I'll be curious to see what your next big project is. Have you thought about joining the Market Squares Bag knitalong?


I appreciated your comments about the time it takes to maintain a blog. I have not started one at this point because I don't have the time to commit to keeping it up. Best wishes on your 1st anniversary of blogging.


I had a blog for over a month before I even got a comment, so it was wonderful to receive your comment.

I love blogging, and it's opened up a new world of knitting and crocheting, and I have made many things I know I never would have own my own. I looked at what I was working on last year, and now, I'm getting ready to start my third knitted sweater--Rogue.

It does take a lot of time to blog and read other blogs and comment, and Bloglines has helped me a lot with that.


What you said! There are certainly days that get completely sucked away by blog. They've enriched my life and dramatically improved my knitting, though. Comments are a common theme right now, I guess. I noticed Wendy wants to endeavor to leave more comments, and I know I've been slacking on commenting lately (it's all blogline's fault!) but the interaction is what makes it for me. The commaraderie (sp?) of the back and forth that occurs blog-to-blog and writer-to-reader. I feel I have a whole new group of friends, even if I never meet them. And I have met several great people for real, to think it was all because of blogging... I'm glad you're here, for one, and I hope it interests you for a good long time to come.


I comment a lot less than I used to also. I thought it was because of the holidays but maybe not... time will tell I guess. Anyway..... HI!!!! ;)


You are a good writer. I enjoyed reading you blog.


Sharon, you are so right about the "time sponge" properties of blogging! The more time you put into it, the more it demands. Still, it's nice to be able to look in on one's knitting friends and see what they're up to. I'm new to both knitting and blogging, but the longer I do both, the more fun they become.

Keep up the good blog! I really enjoy visiting you.

Sharon Skaryd

You're an inspiration. I finally decided, if I win, I'd like door #2. Looks cute.

Now back to my new blog... it's all your fault!!! :)


Fellow six-soxer coming to comment. Yay you finished your fluted bannisters! I hope your giftee loves them. I haven't started on the beaded socks yet, well because of Christmas roping all of my time. Also, I am a bit apprehensive about getting all of those beads on the yarn! I like your contest idea and am excited about your prizes. I am secretly rooting for the knitwit. Fun, fun, fun!!!


I consider myself lucky to have met you personally through your blog and enjoy reading every one of your entries. Thanks for sharing your time!


Day #2: Sock yarn. A very pretty blue.

And don't worry Sharon, I don't have a blog so you won't have to read mine - I'll just keep reading and commenting on yours. It takes much less of my time this way. :)


Sharon, Thank you or blogging. I've been so inspired and educated by all my on-line knitting friends! Keep up the good work!


My Comment for the day: Blogging does take sooo much time. Glad you give up the time for us!!



Some of my non-blogging friends think it's weird that I would spend so much time with people I don't really know. What they don't know is how real my blogging buddies are. That I can know someone totally electronically is so amazing to me.


I love contests :) Sorry I missed you last night but I didn't think people wanted my germs. Keep blogging--I so enjoy reading it.


Hi Sharon,
I seem to have no life so i Love to read everyone elses! hee..hee.. well actually it certainly isn't as exciting as Desperate Housewives - but i do have my moments! hee..hee.. on to a new year that won't be so sad with loss personal friends and family as well as the horrors of the Far East! my best wishes to you and your family and the rest of the knitting world!
Not much of a writer myself so i will stick to reading while at various temps jobs and knitting my fingers away at ALL other times! :-) Happy New Year Karola


I'm just starting to blog and I can already tell it takes a lot of work to get out a good post (especially if it includes pictures and forethought!). Keep up the good work.


yes, the novelty wears off. and when i'm not knitting much, i don't have much reason to post.... but i appreciate all the other bloggers who do!


I love reading knitting blogs, especially those of us who also blog about our lives, and not just the knitting. Even if I don't get the time to comment much, I'm still an avid reader of yours and many other knitting blogs out there :)

fred the fish

Comments are the icing, aren't they? I regularly check visitors ... no visitors is like an answering maching blinking "0" ... my blog feels sad and lonely.


I know what you mean that the more comments that you get the more you have to make the rounds and leave comments. Thank you again for the help in getting me going with my bag.

Susie G

I've been feeling so left out without a blog. It certainly helps that there are people like you who take the time from knitting (and other life stuff) to share your thoughts. And isn't it always surprising...and exciting... when people affirm your experiences?



I enjoy reading your blog. In fact yours along with several others is what led me to creating my own..... many months ago.

I agree that is a big commitment to find time to write/read blogs. And sometimes.... life does get into the way.

It is fun to read others blogs and see photos of projects that everyone is working on. These provide inspiration for future projects.



I got your email I am new to the blogging world but I will be posting soon after I finish doing all the things I wnat to do to it I will probably post friday morning. But I hope you like it I like yours very much. I have only been knitting for 3 months I love it I dont know what I would do without it. I love all the yarns at my yarn store here.....

Talk to you later

Linda W

Sharon! I appreciate your blog for more than just the knitting. Being a fellow chocoholic and Curves member as well as a knitter, I can relate to so many of your dilemas. And now you are a Christmas present procastinator too. You make me feel so normal! Keep it up, I will be back to visit some day and would love to meet in person. L


you know, sometimes i skip the cake and go straight to the icing! so, i love me some comments too :)


Congratulations on celebrating your one year anniversary! :)


Congratulations on the one year blog anniversary. It is such a battle to choose how much time to dedicate to blogging. It amazes me how much time slips away without my really realizing it, but I find it has given me so much back as well. I've only been knitting for slightly more time than I've been blogging, and for me both hobbies really go hand and hand. Blogging has really helped me to enjoy knitting more.


A year of blogging seems to go by so fast - I am slowly approaching that 1 year mark myself. Hope you had a good holiday - Happy Knitting!


EXACTLY!!!! Thank you for putting into words the way I feel about my blog.


I couldn't agree more...I also love getting comments on my blog, but I don't usually get many comments - I suppose I should write more comments on other's blogs to increase my knit blogging comment karma? (hehe, say that out loud as fast as you can) Anyway, you're a great blogger and knitter, thanks for sharing.


Just a quick note to say: Don't think about NOT blogging this year. I love hearing about your life and get inspiration from the pictures. Thanks!!

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