A very sad story. Although I'm not in the trenches of the schools, I do work in the school system and it is terrifying when we hear news like that - and unfortunately it happens much too often, whether it was preventable or not - so yes, that extra hug can go a long way.


That is so sad and unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent. I am glad I am not a kid these days. It seems ever so much harder.


What a tragedy to lose a life. I'm sorry.


awful Sharon and not limited to urban low-income families. But I wonder if things are really all that different than when I was in high school - the secrecy, the us against them -- I would like to think I would have told someone, fortunately I was never tested, but I can't say for sure that I would have. :(


Sorry to hear such sad news Sharon. Events such as this can take a lot out of you. This makes me remember a friend of mine who told me earlier this year that he was battling a terminal disease. I see him fighting for his life then to hear of something like this just makes me wonder what that boy was thinking....was it accidental or deliberate. Well I hope your outing tonight helps you get past this.
Sorry I have not been around, I did the flu bug dance and finally am feeling better. Still want to come to Lansing to shop at T-Bear.


How sad.

In a former life, I worked with "at risk" teens in foster care, and while I didn't have one to pass away, enough went on to understand how hard it is the code of silence kids have.


Oh, how very sad. I sure hope the kids will start talking now -- and have someone available with whom they can talk.


I'm so sorry Sharon. Yes, I will give my kids an extra hug and another talk with love. Stay strong!


This is my third try at having something worth saying - it appears I'm still failing miserably. Sigh.


Sharon, I felt so strongly about this post that I attempted to write a comment, but it became an addition to my current post. It just would've taken up too much space on your blog. Please see my response on my blog. I'm so sorry about this loss.


I am so sorry for the sadness you are experiencing. I did work with troubled youth when I worked in the field of violence against women. I try to remember to tell Gracie I am here to talk...anytime, anything. Take care.


Hugs, Sharon. I still remember vividly what it was like to lose a classmate (this particular one to suicide). I was supposed to give a speech in speech class that week and ended up breaking down in front of the class. That led the teacher to initiate a discussion about what the school was going through and how he had never seen anything like it before. Twenty odd years later and it still seems like yesterday.


oh sharon...i'm so sorry. i never thought about what the death of a child would be like from the perspective of someone who worked with the child in a school setting...i work for the abuse hotline in florida, so get to hear about what these kids go through that makes them turn to drugs...but an 8th grader...that's unimaginable to me. i'm starting to feel old, but i didn't know anyone who did drugs til i was in high school. i feel like i'm rambling - probably because i've not commented in forever. you take care of yourself, ok? *hugs*

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