Okay, I'll bite. I like the sock yarn!

Nice poem!


I love your blog. So informative and well makes you feel like you are reading a letter from a good friend.


Since I'm a librarian, I'd take door number three - the book. Congrats on your first year blogging!


Hi Sharon,

I cruised on over after seeing that you'd commented on my Christmas knitting craziness on my blog and I saw that you're hosting a contest. Yay! Ooh, KnitWit -- one of the few Knitting books I DIDN'T get for Christmas! :) Thanks for stopping by my site and I'm happy to reciprocate--especially if it means free knitterly stuff. ;)


Glad you are "enticing". Read a few post back and you had me laughing out loud with the OCD symptoms, seems like I have it too.

I would choose the sock yarn, because you can't ever have too many blue socks.


Love the poem Sharon! You are always such a wonderful writer, be it poem or the regular narrative. I always enjoy reading your blog.
As for the prize I'd pick...definitely the sock yarn, a knitter can never have too much sock yarn!

Sarah G.

Lord knows I'm a sucker for pretty sock yarn. I hope you're enjoying your break!


I always enjoy your regular posts, but I *love* the ones where you have fun with words! I'd prefer either the sock yarn or the book if I win.


What an easy contest. I like the poem and am glad that life is getting back to normal. As I'm especially into socks right now that would be my choice!


I like the idea of an easy contest. I'm not clever enough to handle anything more complicated.


I would be all over Door #3.


I love your blog -- cute poem!
KnitWits, if I win.... thanks! melanie


Love your poem! I feel exactly the same way:) And what luck! This is my very first stop to your blog -- and I'll be back!


I love your blog I will add it to my blogs I read


I like your poem. I'm also wondering how your ten days of vacation are turning out. Tough choice on prizes but I guess I'd go with the book first and the sock yarn second.


You are quite the poet! It is rather hohum on the days after the holidays. I get to work on a resume today. YUCK! Anyway, thanks for having such a simple contest. I would personally be hard-pressed to choose between the book and the sock yarn. Now back to my beaded socks...



Who can resist a contest? I would have to say the sock yarn as knitting myself a pair of socks is a New Year's Resolution of mine.

Love the poem. :)



This is my first time here because I really need more sock yarn! (joke) As much as I'd like the book, I can never refuse another skein of yarn.

Nice blog. I'll be back to read more.


My first time here too. and that's just the colour of sockwool I dreamt about last night.


Lovely blog! I haven't done justice to mine, though I try! I try! Brilliant job on not only providing links, but annotating those links.
I covet the knitwit book, by the way, after seeing the three projects completed by friends in my knitting circle.
You aren't a teacher, are you? With two weeks off, it sounds familiar. Today is a day without knitting as I recover from holiday gifts.


I *need* the book please! Pick me, Pick Me!


Ah... choices. I'd pick (I think) the crochet pattern first. then the sock yarn. I already have the book:-)


Hi Sharon! Oh what fun... You always come up with the neatest angles. I like the Knit Wit Book myself!


Tarting for comments,huh ?! :0)
3 !


Nice poem! And I'm always game for an easy contest...


Enticed ornot, I'm going to leave a comment. I'm SO GLAD that someone else blogged poetry. I was beginning to feel like a total dork. Now I've got good company!


My vote is for the sock yarn, please - cause a girl can never have enough blogging pals or socks!


Hi! I'm new to your blog. I am a member of the Six Sox Knitalong, and I would definitely choose the sock yarn. Yadda, yadda, yadda, there's no such thing as too much sock yarn! I finished the gift socks for Christmas, and now I am making a pair for ME, from a great skein of Opal that my son gave me for Christmas!


You sure are talented. :) All those crafts, finished socks and a poet too! I sympathize with your sickness. I've had it for years and didn't know it had such a great name. I'm still working on the cloverleaf socks, so the fact you've kept up and finished the fluted bansiter ones is amazing to me. I'll ge to them when I get these finished. And I like either door 1 or 3.
Enjoy all the comments!


i love blog contests...of course, i never win,
but they are fun. i would pick the sock yarn.
i am trying to emulate my hero, susan, listmom
of the 6 sox kal who will not divulge how many
pairs of socks she can knit with her stash. my
2nd guess was 258 and she still said 3 digits
too low. maybe you should really celebrate and
pick 3 winners...only dreaming


Pick me! Pick me! I've NEVER won a contest.... ever! Nada! I would love the sock yarn!

Sharon Skaryd

I don't know which I'd choose. Gotta think about that. But I do want you to know that you've inspired me. I'm starting my own blog. Very private (like a diary) at this point, but maybe eventually I'll get bold enough to open it up for viewing. I'm even using it as a way to "see" the novel I started but never finished a few years ago.

I loved your poem. When I read your postings, it's like looking in a mirror. I have all the same symptoms and "lusts."

Again, thanks.
Another Sharon (Skaryd)

linda w

I love seeing your blog since I used to be a Guild member and know many of the folks you show pics of. It makes me feel like I'm still there! If you choose me, I would have to see if I'm in a blue mood or a reading mood. Door 1 and 3 are very enticing. LInda


What a fun way to start the New Year! Great poem!


Me! Me! Pick me!!!!! Love your BLOG Sharon! I've been reading along but was shy about commenting until now. A contest will strip away shyness every time! heh Hug Dad for me and I'll see if I can get the baby to bed and read your prose every night until school starts again! If you pick this post I'll take the... KnitWit book! One can never have too many patterns. :)

<3 Laura


Happy Anniversary!! Enjoyed the poem!!
Now that Christmas is over it's time to knit socks for me!! So the sock yarn would be my first choice and the book second!


Count me in! I really appreciate your blog. The sock yarn is very pretty and I've not seen that book before. How fun! thanks wendyfarmer


What a fun way to wrap up '04 and start '05 (can't believe it!). I'd have to go with Door #3 (I used to LOVE Let's Make a Deal!) -- I have more sock yarn than anyone who's never knit a sock should have and no one in my house, at least, wears berets. Thanks!


I would love the book! I am relatively new at knitting and although socks are on my "to learn" list for this year, I really am trying to build up my knitting library.


I like the sock yarn also. May be I should have one of these contests.


Great blog! I'd pick the sock yarn. Got to love those blues!


I love this! I want to start a blog of my own, but I don't know how well I would do with writing every day or even every other day. I think I will give it a shot in 2005 though. Love the sock yarn, cause I love blues!


Woo woo! I love easy blog contests. You will pick me now, right?


I love the sock yarn, books I got and I'll never live long enough to knit all the stuff I want out of them. Happy Blog Anniversary!


Here is my post for today. Thanks for your note, Sharon!

I've got my fingers crossed that I might win this one :)


Wow! Be careful what you wish for! Look at all of those comments. :) I may have a contest of my own soon, I've got some lovelies in my stash that are tired of waiting for me, and would enjoy a new home.


One of these days I'm going to get to Lansing just so I can meet you and all the other fantastic folks who live around there. When I do I'd love to show off the socks that I would make from that gorgeous yarn.

Jacque Meadows

47 comments by the time I read your blog, but I have checked it every day, sometimes 2-3 times, since the last entry...what took you so long? I Christmas spent with the flu, that wonderful new book would take away the blues!


Oh, Sharon, I would come to visit even if you weren't offering prizes! I'd love anything there, but would be just as happy with a visit when you're done reading all the comments you're going to get. :-)


I'm with blogdog...I'd come visit even if there weren't prizes. :) I'll take the Lion Brand, cuz, I have WAY too much sock yarn, and I've got Amy's Knit Wit, signed, already. That is, if you pick me, and you want to pick me, don't you? :)


Contests are fun! I'm a faithful reader via Bloglines. Funny thing, that--Bloglines is not really conducive to the commenting thing.

Sounds like a resolution for 2005--leave more comments! =)


Hm, I guess I'd pick the sock yarn or the book. Thanks for the contest. :)


I enjoyed your poem. I would pick the sock yarn or the book.


great prizes! and a lovely poem to boot... so count me in!

Jane P

I'd pick the sock yarn. I love to knit socks


thanks for offering this contest. I came just to have a peek but I'm pretty sure to be coming back.


Nice blog, I've scanned it before. Good luck with the contest!



Sharon, does this one count?! i know there must have been some kind of plan - cut off date etc! but that book does look tempting and so does that wonderful blue Trekking yarn - not much of a hat person ! so maybe my day will come! :-) have a wonderful week! i wish you all the best! Karola


Love the sock yarn - love the blog! happy 1 year.


i can't pass up a chance for free yarn. (or knitting book.)




Oh I've been dying to get Knit Wit! It was on my (long) Christmas list, but I got so many other things so I'm not too upset. Besides, I'm going to win, right? teehee

Susie G

I think you should get the prize...you're the one doing all the work! But if you're offering, Amy's book is on my wish list...



I love the poem you wrote.

I love contests..... I never win anything. But.... I will take a chance. I would love the sock yarn if by chance I would win.

As always.... I enjoy reading your blog.



holy cow, way to achieve comment-saturation! i've tried the contest gig, and... well, didnt work for ME! hah. you'll see me commenting again, i'm sure.


I've been "silently" reading your blog for some time and do enjoy it a lot. Happy New Year! I want to knit some socks for me this winter (what am I saying, I only knit socks for me), so door #1 is enticing!

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