I'm not Santa, but I might be able to help with the list just a tad. Instead of a ridiculously expensive Ott light, go to Home Depot and buy daylight light bulbs for your existing fixtures. They're just a tad more expensive than standard light bulbs, but way way way cheaper than Ott light bulbs, and much less expensive than the Ott lamp itself.


If you get some sun throw some of it down here, will you? Congrats on losing 9 lbs!


I guess I shouldn't complain about the weather here in Charleston now that hurricane season is over, and it was a beautiful sunny 75 degrees today, but I hate the fact that it gets dark so fast.

If it would stay light until 7 pm, I would be much happier.


We are glad to provide interim help with the sewing thing, while you choose. We have three working sewing machines in the "stable" .... Matt's really good one is his quilting machine (unused in four years, but hey!), so probably off limits, but I have a decent one that will fit the bill in a pinch. The third is my maternal Gram's "battleship Singer" that works just fine, too.

We don't wanna part with any on a permanent basis, but I know mine would make a good "loaner" for now.




Happy Hanukkah, Sharon! Today my 3 year old brought a dreidel painting home from preschool so I asked her if she had learned the dreidel song (because I know they've been talking about Hanukkah all week). We decided to sing it as a bed time song, but she didn't sing and then said she didn't know that song. So I asked her if she knew that one that went, "Put on your yarmulke, it's time to celebrate Hanukkah. . . " but she didn't know that one either. I don't suppose they sing it at preschool, what with the smoke your marijuanica and drink your gin and tonica lines. . . Hope yours was a good one and please forgive any spelling errors (though feel free to correct me -- if I'm doing it wrong I do want to know).


I love The Dreidel Song!

Can I sign my name next to yours? I want all the same things too! Especially the earplugs, the time, the 20 pounds, etc., etc.

Jacque Meadows

Hey, Sharon...I found an extra hour and a half this morning...it was waiting for me when I go home from driving my daughter to Seminary at 5:45! I found it next to the bed where my slippers were instead of under the covers where I knew it could be! It is AMAZING what you can do in that amount of time...I made my children a hot breakfast, I strung the garland on my Christmas Tree- it has been waiting a week for it so the kids can do the ornaments, I hung holiday lights all over my picket fence along with getting dressed and ready for work. WOW! I just know at about 2pm this afternoon I am going to need a nap! Or at least chocolate cake...


great post sharon. i am with you on the night owl thing.


Are you seeing the same wonderful yellow sunshine in Lansing that I am seeing in beautiful West Michigan today?? Zeeland to be specific?? I know exactly what you mean, needing that. And I also have put daylight bulbs in my regular lamps. I don't know if it's helping with me sunshine-withdrawl but I really love the look of it. I too, purchased a floor lamp from Lowes with a swinging arm to put at my chair to knit by and put the daylight bulb in there. Love that too.


What a great list! I hope you get all that you wish for.


Gee, and I'll I want is a Harley Davidson.


How could he resist such a charming request...and Pepperidge Farm cookies!


Have I ever mentioned how funny you are? You have such a way with words.

I hope Santa can overlook the Jewish thing and bring you all you wish for. :)


Too funny. This is a great list. I hope Santa is blog-reading! If you get those earplugs, send me the make and model number, please.


I know Santa is sort of a "christian" guy (in the looooosest sense of the term), but I think he'd honor any request that was so amusingly worded. It would give him a much needed break from all the requests for puppies and little brothers! If you get anywhere with Santa, could you also ask him for self-weaving ends so I can spend my precious little knitting time knitting and not sewing? Also, if he could see his way clear, I'd like spinning time to not be deducted from knitting time. Thanks, it would be a help.


Oh Sharon, you have a wonderful knack with words. How could Santa resist! And besides sounds like Rob and many other friends are more than willing to elf Santa along.
Now a hint, keep checking Ebay. I got an Ott light for $34, brand new. Plus I also bought incandescent bukbs for other work lights. They make a big difference.
Wish I could knit late at night. I'm up at 4:30 on the days I work so I need to hit the sack early. And when I've tried, I always end up having to frog what I've done through droopy eyes.

Happy Hannakuh Sharon!


Shaorn I love your Santa letter --- if you do indeed bend the laws of physics and get those couple of well placed extra hours, let me know --- I would be highly interested in having some of them myself! I am sure you have been a very good girl this year and should have no problem getting all you wish for.

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