It is such a nice thing to do for someone else, I agree. Two of my three know how to knit and they will pick up their projects when nothing else seems to hold their interest. It's a wonderful skill to pass along. Nice post!


Sharon, that's absolutely beautiful! Plus, the fact that you're taking the time to teach these children something must help them immeasurably as well, since it means you care.


You and Laurie are such good teachers. It's a thrill to know that children have someone who cares if no one at home seems to. It's a gift to be a teacher and a special gift to be a great one!


That's very inspiring. Anything we can do to empower children to overcome the adversities in life is great!


You're awesome, Sharon. Many, many years from now, these children will look back and think how you helped them with their problem with your kindness and thoughtfulness.


Empowering a child by teaching them something you love....I can't think of a better thing in the world!

Mary Beth

Thank goodness they have you! Teaching them to knit is such a great way to connect with kids - it's tactile, bi-lateral, repetitive. It also shows they can have something just for them - and the success of completion. Oh, I could go on and on! Lucky kids - I bet they love coming to see you!


We need more people like you at our children's schools. *hugs*


It's so nice you teach them to knit. So many of them these days spend all their time in front of the tv or the computer. Very sad.


Bless you, Madame Gardener!


Thank you so much for caring and for doing something positive for kids who don't get much support at home. My husband's family is disfunctional (without the "fun") and I am so thankful that there were adults in his childhood who took the time to share with him and give him some support because it's made a world of difference in his outlook on life, especially when compared to his siblings. You never know how much a small gesture can mean the world to a child, and how it will stay with them forever.


Sharon, teachers like you are a treaure! What wonderful gifts you give your students! Thank you.


I work in the front office at our high school and I greet the "naughty" kids when they are sent down. My boss has said that I give them a safe place to come to, I just greet them and sometimes engage them in conversation. It's amazing how many of them then become my friends and come in just to say hi, or get some candy from the candy jar, or to talk. My heart breaks for them for some of their circumstances. It would be fun if I could knit at my desk, too! Although I am privileged this year to help out with Art Club and I get to teach them how to knit! Thanks for being the kind of person you are with a tender heart. The previous commentors are right, we need a lot more people like you in our schools!


You will be a smile in so many people's memories, long after they've forgotten the math formulas, sentence diagrams and many other facts they learned at your school. Blessings to you.


Hoorah for you! Thank you! Bless you! Can't think of sufficient positive, supportive things to say. What goes around, comes around, and you are spreading the most powerful, helpful human trait there is. I don't know you or your circumstances, but I know from my own experience and observtion that the respect and empowerment in your efforts are deeply appreciated, and, if not now, then in the balance of your life, will be returned to you many times over. Your "touching" children's lives may not save all, but is already causing ripples of change. Yes, thank goodness you're a knitter.


Bless you.

Teresa C

Thank goodness you are a knitter, and a kind hearted saint. If it weren't knitting, I get the feeling that you would find some other way to reach these kids and give them something special. Thank goodness for you and people like you.


I cyber hug you for trying to be the magic fairy to these children! and teaching them something that as you said will help them thru the rough and tough times! thank you Karola

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