I support you all the way on this time issue. I will do anything can to help...just say the word lady!!

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well....I finally started feeling better about 6:45 p.m. yesterday... wierd huh?

Seriously....feel better soon!


Wait, I thought you were doing away with time. Then why are you so sure of the time you started feeling bad. Does that mean if we went to "in no time at all" you'd be done faster? What will I have "on my side" if I have no time. And if we don't have time, who will wait for no man? I now have a headache, I'm going to lay down for a bit, not sure how long it will be since I am no longer keeping track of time, it's somebody else "time" to watch it.


I peeked at my watch as I read your post, checking to see how long it had been since you wrote it. Double checked the time on my computer screen, and then glanced at the dueling kitchen appliances. 10:46, says the microwave. 10:47, says the stove. I looked away and caught a glimpse of the thermostat, which agreed with the stove. I went into the other room, eyeing the indoor/outdoor thermometer/barometer/clock and then checking to see if the TV, VCR, and the DVD player were in agreement (they were). I went upstairs to check on the kids, and made sure Son Number One's alarm was set so he wouldn't miss the bus in the morning. The time on my husband's alarm clock and my alarm clock differ by about fifteen minutes, but it doesn't matter because we don't get up when they ring. I put my gold watch away next to the silver one, the black one, and the brown one, and yelled down to remind my husband to get his new watch out of his golf bag so he wouldn't forget it when we leave for Pittsburgh at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.

I'm sorry -- what was it you were saying?


I would like to enlist in this army ..... I assume there will be morning wake up call?


I think they have already started that campaign against time down in Florida, where there have been so many power outages from the string of hurricanes. Maybe we should ask them how it feels to be timeless. Which brings me to another postulation: Hey, would that mean none of us would get old? Oh, goody, then I am all for it!

I hope you are feeling better now.

Ellen in Conn

Hey I agree! Do away with it! You know, if someone asks your name, you usually know the answer. It doesn't change much or often. They ask your opinion on sending armies to kill innocent foreigners and you could answer them in your sleep. But the time? Let me see, it's not the same answer as the last time I thought about it. Different answer altogether. It changed. And it changes all the . . . time! It's like the date. What day is it? No idea - it's different every day. I suggest we throw out all the calendars and clocks and hourglasses and sundials.
See you at the S&B next Wednesday, right? Iraq and a hard place, indeed! I so-o-o-o wish we could.


You are a hoot! Where the recruitment office for this war? Count me in!


Hey, if there were no time, I wouldn't have to be freaking out about giving a 45-minute presentation next week! Sounds good to me.

(The Way the Crow Flies is brilliant. Dark, but not as dark as her first book. I highly recommend both.)


Amen, sister! Down with clocks, up with NyQuil! Now, I really must get to the 14 things on my to do list before we leave for church in an hour and 37 minutes.


Thank you for the typepad help!! I read this post earlier--I love it!!! Since I can't add 10 hours into every day let's just say "Down with Time"!!


Nice topic choice to cause a raucous! If we get rid of time will we all be in the same zone??


Ah- raucous you are and able to spark controversy. Must be the cold medicine talking if not for the fact that others are with you (behind you, ahead of you) on the time war. Good luck with the mission.



Hee hee. But you also need to have some sort of drama. Bloggers and online journallers love drama/trainwrecks!

julia fc

Look, all you need is a constitutional amendment! Obviously such things are fashionable these days, so just get all your friends together and sign a bunch of petitions, and start some legislation! There's a lot of money to be made in this, I bet, so some huge multi-national will probably underwrite it, and you can retire to your chalet in Tahoe! You go, girl.

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