Sorry I have no experience with Cool Stuff.... how did you get suckered into buying it? I think it's pretty. Why wouldn't you block it?

Hmmmm I tried my first rollercoaster when I was in Vegas, I am trying to lay off buying yarn as much as I do...which is way more than I admit, and I am trying to stop elbowing my husband at night when he is snoring and waking me up every hour... soooo what did you buy at the party huh? ;)

Teresa C

I recently posted a bit about too much to do (at least knit wise!) I can't decide if blogging is getting me going or getting me into trouble. Right now-I should be knitting, but my ADD has left me distracted and at the computer. BTW-what yarn are you using for your Cloverleaf Socks? I'm loving it!


I can't see the mistake in your Cloverleafs (Cloverleaves? - either way, I like yours), but I made a few of my own, and didn't frog them, either. I'm a HUGE fan of audio books, in addition to e-books and "real" books. I'm never without a book. The newest thing I've tried - lace knitting (the Cloverleaf socks). I'm thinking that pattern would make a mighty fine shawl.


I love knitting to audiobooks; I get to do two of my favorite things at the same time. And I feel the same way you do about doing a little of this and a little of that - structure is my friend. I'm making a long list of things to do while my husband is away this week, and one of them will be to find my copy of The Artists' Way...I'm a little behind :)


I have only listened to one book on tape and it wasn't a novel; it was about cleaning. Well, it was on sale and it seemed like a good idea... I'm so interested in hearing about how you'll like it and whether you can concentrate and follow along. I used to listen to "Chapter A Day" on the radio, but that was always in pretty short doses, and I feel like I'd be more easily distracted these days. Kids and life seem so much more hectic and frantic.

Laura Gallagher

I've seen a couple of mentions of The Knitter's Way & not reading on several knitting blogs - what is it?

Janice in GA

I read a lot also. A few years ago, I decided that I was using reading as an excuse to avoid actually DOING things, so I made myself stop reading for about a week. I made it through ok, but I didn't really enjoy it, and I didn't really get any more done than I would have if I'd been reading. But I do believe that for me, reading can be a substitute for actually living in the real world. I live in my head too much as it is!

I think that if I were to give up reading again for a trial, I would also exclude audiobooks. I do really enjoy listening to audiobooks, especially while I'm driving or knitting something uncomplicated.

New things: I'm about to go on a cruise for the first time. Cruises haven't really sounded to me like a fun vacation, but we're going with a bunch of family and friends (another first), so I hope it will be ok.

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