Actually, it was rum. I'm out of tequila.

But I'm never out of chocolate.

I'll say it again, Sharon -- you handled your setback with grace and dignity. And you ARE smarter than the yarn. It was the knitting in the dark that done ya in.


Sharon, you will be so much happier that you choose to fix the problem. Good thing you noticed it before the whole sweater was done and you were wearing it!!
Hope it was dark chocolate that Sarah offered.
Have a great weekend knitting.


I can't see the row myself, but I'm entrelac-phobic :) I can sympathize, however, because I'm in a similar situation with a row of twisted stitches *way* down there on the back of the sweater I'm knitting (must learn to recognize them more easily; I did something wrong after tinking on a purl row) - I've promised myself to decide whether or not to frog after I've completed the two sleeves and the front, but I know in even leaving the question open, I'll probably do it. I'm not a perfectionist, but I am coming to recognize how much I appreciate the craft of knitting, and wanting to do it well.


I don't care what - I can't see that zigged instead of zagged row. If I can't see it, then it doesn't count! :) It's a beautiful sweater!

Mary Beth

YES! You did the right thing! That ZAG would have bugged the heck out of you. It's only a little time in the big scheme of things. Way to take control. Oh I have said those words to myself too many times!

Teresa C

Hooray! I swear the best thing about this blogging world is seeing that I am not the only one to make these dumb mistakes and have to frog almost half of what I knit! And I have been knitting more than half my life! Maybe that is the problem....hmm....


Why is it that it's sometimes so hard to do the right thing? I can't see it, but so sorry about your setback.


I'm proud to be your friend. I've only done two sweaters but I had a decent amount of ripping out on both of them. Just the same, you are right. Ripping is hard to do. I often have to give myself time to grieve before I start pulling. Sometimes I have my kidz at Foster rip it for me, because they have such joy with the ripping process. It makes things better for me.

I really am proud to be in your circle. You are the right sort of woman!


Thanks for the link. Yours is the first that has a link to my blog on it. I am beginning to feel legitimate as a blogger. I actually had meant to email you friday but ran out of time.. I had discovered your blog through a link on someone's page and wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your blog. I only had time to add you to my typelist of blogs I like to read. As to the camera suggestion thank you I'll have to look it up, or rather let my husband look at it as he is snobbish in his camera choices. Only Nikons for him but I might convince him to let me stray. Also have already red the Bachelor Brothers' B & B. Absolutely fabulous book. I've always wanted to go and see if there really is such a place. Once again, thanks for the link.


After looking a few times, I see the error.

The best thing to do with frogging is to go ahead and get it over with. Alas, it's sad to do, but best. You'll feel better once you knit back to where you were to start.

My entrelac wrap is temporarily on hold. I will return to it eventually.

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