Laura S

Wow you're progress looks great! Please do share your pictures, that's the fun of these blogs.

I love your verses! Hilarious as usual.

I'm becoming addicted to knitting magazines. I'm trying to be good and wait to subscribe until I move back to the States which is coming up fast. My sister sounds very similar to you. She devoures magazines.

It's so good to be back online and see what you've been up to.


Sharon- you are too sweet! Thanks for the "shout out"!
I am the same way with magazines. I cannot throw them away until every article is read (at the least, skimmed). It is an obsession.

The entrelac looks amazing. You are making progress!


Don't stop your progress pictures, I love them! The entrelac soooo pretty, I do love the Silk Garden!

I have been able to slowly break myself from most magazines but am horribly addicted to knitting mags, even a few that I generally hate most if not all the patterns in (Knitter's, anyone?). I keep telling myself to let a few of my other subscribtions go but I always seem to renew. I think its because I like getting mail.


This brings back such memories....

As a child, I loved American Girl and Teen. My Mom read Prevention, Readers' Digest, and Soap Opera Digest. I loved doing the vocabulary quiz in Readers' Digest. She was also a big fan of True Story.

Today, In addition to craft mags--I read Newsweek, The Economist, Smithsonian and National Geographic. From time to time, I'll read Orpah too. Since I'm a big sports fan, I read ESPN Magazine and Sports Illustrated too. I also like Opera News and BBC Music Magazine.

I've had clerks give me a certain look when I bring my diversity of magazines to the checkout counter.

"Yes, it's all for me," I tell them.

BTW, your project looks great. The Silk Garden for my entrelac wrap is on order and should be here soon.



Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE your entrelac sweater and I think that is exactly the Silk Garden I used for the hat I made last month. I find that Noro yarn makes entrelac or mitered squares so interesting. I am also a magazine junkie, though I manage to limit it somewhat. On trips though all control is lost and I buy magazines by the armful. And of course knitting magazines are in their own category and there is no such thing as enough knitting magazines.


I've managed to back down some off my need for magazine fixes. I'm now on a steady diet of Real Simple, and only pick up something else in an emergency, or when someone else bought it. :)

My contrib to the terse verse archives:

Knitting constantly
Each stitch a revelation
Life's somehow more clear.

(I may be a writer by trade, but I suck at rhyming...hence, haiku.)


i feel poetically challenged at the moment, but note - new blog address! i love your sweater. Love it!


Speaking of reading -- I took suggestions from your What I've Read This Year list and headed to the library. I was supposed to get to bed early last night, but had my nose stuck in Wonder When You'll Miss Me. It is an excellent book so far! if my blog has no knitting content, I plan on blaming you!!


Hey Sharon - I meant to ask you - how did you get the little button images to appear, like the knitty one. I feel terribly internet challenged right at the moment. Must be the headache.


Sorry to go back a few subjects but I was cleaning my office this week and I realized something frightening...my yarn has followed me to work. So...

You know you're a knitter when you a have a stash of yarn in your office (and part of a UFO!).

Pretty sad...lol.

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