I too, thought that very few would read my site. It is always a bit surprising and throws me off balance conversationally when someone makes a reference to something I posted about -- the other day, the orthodontist said something to me about Blockbuster (which I had posted a small rant about) and it took me a few minutes to figure out what in the world she was talking about! Your point is a good one - I wonder if we should practise some kind of internet Heimlich maneuver??


Wow! Hope this "outing" brought you kudos and knitting students. I'd have a hard time with that - not that I've written anything I regret. I'm having trouble putting it into words, I guess I write stuff in my blog that I hope some friends and fellow knitters/bloggers find interesting. Having people at work suddenly discover it would seem like they were trespassing. Since I'm younger than many of my colleagues it could also lead to respect/authority issues. Hope your reaction was better than mine would have been !!


a while ago i realized that it made me more comfortable, for the most part, to keep my real life away from my computer life. my knit blog is one exception because i don't write anything there that could be taken the wrong way. i have a livejournal and used to write a lot in that about things that i don't want everyone to know. the neat thing about lj is that you can have 'friends' lists and filter your posts so that only certain people can read them. believe me, this can backfire too. it'll be interesting to see what happens when i actually start to update the blog about my gastric bypass surgery. for now the link is "hidden" in my about me page but its there if people look for it. there is that line between public and private that it's hard to know when to cross and not cross sometimes. your sweater is beautiful, btw. :)


When I decided to do a blog, I made a decision to keep it mostly to my "crafty" life, with little of my controversial opinions in it.

As I blog more and meet more people, I see my personality creeping in, and that's okay, I'm not a robot. I'm having a wonderful time.

Your post does remind me that what I write in my blog is only a Google search away.


The electronic fishbowl! The good news is that folks from all over get to enjoy the info/help, the bad news is that, as if governement censorship isn't bad enough, now you'll have to vet every word you write to ensure that you haven't somehow imbued your blog with unintended meaning. oh joy.

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