Very, very funny post! I can so relate to it all!


Now I have to clean the monitor screen, I just spit water on it laughing! You certainly have a way with words. I'm the one 572 projects going, so therefore, don't have a stash. Thanks for the smiles, Sharon.


And you still haven't found the magazine? That means you have to go into another yarn store . . .


I love your yarn diet quiz ... but what about being prepared for a big snowstorm, you've got to have enough yarn in your stash for some good snowbound knitting!


All that glitzy yarn looks like a fun project! I hope its as much fun to knit as it is to look at! I love your yarn diet-breaker justifications, and have probably used most of them in one form or another to justify buying more (and more, and more) yarn. Heck, its a hobby, its an obssession, its just a way of life!

Laura S

LOL!! I'm a newbie, so not too much of a stash YET!! I loved your post though, hilarious!!

Your yarn finds look gorgeous.

sarah b.

Okay, that started my morning off laughing! I am a yo-yo yarn dieter. I cut down for a little while and make some progress on my stash, then I buy more (a bunch more) and need to go back on my yarn diet. :-) Right now, I WANT MORE!


I got this (in swedish, I translated)from a fellow knitter here in Sweden:

Yarn shops are an alternative to pool shops - where men hang out, playing with their friends, pooling away their salary.
In the yarn shops we - mostly women - give vent to our social needs and INVEST our salary into coming quality projects.

You only live once - if we have more than one life we don't know, so why gamble?

I vote for no yarn diets!


ROFL! that was fabulous! i think you really hit the nail on the head. the way i manage it is this: right now i don't have enough money to buy enough nice yarn to make my first sweater. also, i AM having gastric bypass surgery in may so my total amount of yarn required will hopefully be extremely reduced (smaller me = less yarn). i tend to buy somewhere between $30-$60 every time i go in the yarn store. i'm gonna try to stop that and maybe save enough for a sweater in something nice and soft. i'm just rambling now, but what a fabulously amusing post!


That was funny. I didn't realize I had been trying to yarn diet. I had been trying to use the yarn I have in my stash. Then , I just found out there's a new LYS coming to town.

Diet Over.


--I never count grams or yards. If I like it, I buy it. --That definitely describes me. That's why I seem to have all this beautiful yarn with not enough for a good sized project.

Thanks for making me remember to update my Yahoo profile-- We're actually in White Lake now (in a house), and we were in an apartment in Novi before. What a small world-- I use to sub at Walled Lake and Novi schools. :)


Don't forget the Atkins Yarn Diet, where you are only allowed to purchase merino for the first month, then you can gradually introduce angora, mohair, cashmere and acrylic/wool blends; but under no circumstances are you allowed lambswool, cotton or any type of chenille.


This was perfect - and very funny! As a yarn dieter nervously eyeing an EBay auction for Tahki Soho Tweed that's cheaper than dirt and that I *need* to make Banff, I can totally relate to rules and exceptions. Never mind that at my current rate of knitting, I'll get to Banff next winter...

Susan Ramsey

My favorite has always been the Kaffe Fattest Diet, where EVERYTHING is allowed as long as it's just one skein, since one skein can be spread over several Kaffeish projects. It does, however, like many high-fiber diets, require/provide a lot of bulk -- you need to keep feeding your stash.


Oh my GOD, this is brilliant! I got here from Big Fat Blog, and I just happen to be a knitting fiend too (as we speak, there are three projects on my table and 5 more in bags). Thank you so much for this - it's a riot, and now I'll be a regular visitor too!

Susan Ramsey

Just as I'd finished reading your take on Wonder When You'll Miss Me and was thinking "Better tell Bonnie Jo -- her third novel's going to have some circus content from her selling Sno-Cones days..." I then see you're reading Bonnie Jo Campbell! Too funny -- or as her character Rachel would say, too goddam funny. Then chase down a copy of Rob Laughner's Our Nun and read the first paragraph. I won't need to nudge after that...

Melissa Ennis

Love the Yarn Diet. True, yarn is cheaper than therapy. For those of us who deal in serious grams, though -- it's cheaper than cocaine!


Love this! I'll have to try all of them (not!).

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