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If you don't like knitting blogs, don't read them. I love them. They have expanded my creative horizons. Also, the bad thing about being a retired teacher is NO snow days, or is it that every day is a snow day and therefore is not special.


Hmmph, sounds like sour grapes or techno-idiocy to me. I'd prefer to think of blogging as creating a virtual community. Love the calling card analogy. Here's to another snow day and all the good knitting it can bring!


Well that person is entitled to their opinion. But I will say this...atleast with the blog, you can communicate with others in a way that is more personal than a message board and you don't have to read through all the junk posts. Being a male knitter, this has provided a way of meeting other male knitters. One guy who I read daily said this "our blogs live in an intelligent, liberal, gay-friendly corner of the internet, where men and women can pull up a chair in the big digital yarn shop and talk about things that they are most interested in" And I think that about sums up my feelings.
I see that you are from MI...so am I...GR. Actually Iknow LynnH. I met her when my former company contracted her for some work.
Happy Knitting!
I am linking to you...I enjoyed you blog.


Interesting commentary about blogs that you posted. They obviously don't get it. I love everything about blogs. I like reading what others have to say, and even having a peek into their lives. And I enjoy being able to write my own blog, and to be able to look back myself at where I was and learn more about where I am going. Oh, and I often read and write in my pjs too!


As a new blogger, I have had twinges of guilt sometimes when I am writing an entry. Like, who cares about your project? Or am I so self-absorbed I must blog about my life endlessly? But the reason I got into the blogs and started my own is because of the wonderful community that you mention. The inspiration, support and general cameraderie. I don't live in a community with a lot of other knitters, or craftspeople in general, who share my love of creating, so this is a welcome substitute.
Thanks for your wonderful entry!


There will always be those elitists who feel they need to criticize something that others find fulfilling. God bless them in their narrow minded self absorption. I have blogged for a long time and read several blogs regularly. I have made friends, learned a lot, and been able to share knitting instructions and hints with others just starting out. I also enjoy learning about my fellow blogger's lives. Knit bloggers cover all bases - gay and straight, male and female, republican and democrat, experienced and novice knitters, etc... but all seem to be literate, caring, intelligent people. This is community to me and I enjoy it.


I have just a minute before I have to scoot off to work, but I wanted to throw in my $.02. From what I've seen, we just want to share what we're doing and meet other people who enjoy knitting and learn things. I wish I lived near all of the bloggers I read so that we Could get together and have coffee and knit. I've learned things since I started my KB and started reading others (including yours), and for that I'm grateful.


I loved the calling card analogy. I'm really bad about leaving comments although I have lots of good intentions. Blogging has really expanded my circle of friends. People I've never met IRL. But I feel like we're sitting side by side when I'm reading their blog. Even people I never leave calling cards for.


I like writing my blog - for myself mostly. It's a great way to keep a progress of all the things that I'm working on. I love seeing what other people do. Surfing other blogs has helped me stay motivated on projects and has opened so many doors and given me so many new ideas (maybe too many). It's a very neat way to encourage our own creativity by seeing other ideas and watching other peoples' projects grow. And adding a bit of personal life into it makes people interesting human beings. I've met some neat people this way and wouldn't want to miss it. And if no one finds my blog interesting - so be it. It helps me stay organized and focused on my projects and when I go back a year from now I can see what I accomplished in the year - two years ago or however long I'll be writing. Hopefully for a long, long time.


Don't you just hate it when someone states their opinion, as being the be all and end all truth of the matter at hand? Judging from the responses many people share your view of blogging. For our family it's an easy way of keeping up with each other's lives. You have a great blog and I look forward to visiting again soon!


I love the calling card analogy too! As for the comment on blogging, I once read that the best blogs had a specific focus, like knitting, rather than stream of consciouness rambling. I feel that my blog is mostly for me but it connects me to other like-minded people. The same goes for the blogs I read. It really is the point of the global community isn't it? To connect with each other and make the world seem like a smaller, friendlier place.


Hi, Sharon. Weren't calling cards so civilized? They're almost glamorous to me. :) I wanted to comment that I think blogs are inspiring. I love to see what other people are doing and see what kinds of people like to knit and so on. It's a fun community to me. I've learned a lot on line about knitting and spinning, too. Tried all sorts of stuff I never would have known about if not for blogging and the Internet.


Thanks to my blog I have met, in real life and virtually, the most wonderful people. Without it and them, my life would be much poorer. Why is blogging any different from going to a gathering and sitting around catching up with everyone's news? It's not only 'fascinating personal details' but a way to share and expound on creative ideas. I would be in a total creative void here (in the south of France) if I didn't have access to the internet and blogs.


I greatly appreciate Blogs because I learn so much and am inspired by them. I feel like it is a kindness to share the info. No one is forced to read them, so if they feel that way, they can go! I get such a kick out of them that I started one too, but can't help but feel a inferiority complex creeping up. You are doing great Sharon! And thanks for visiting mine!


What can I say? That person must have had a Bad Day (I prefer to say that rather than what I originally thought, I'm feeling nice today).

I find the blogs funny and inspirational, and I like the thought of having fellow knitters around the world. And the blogs makes it soo much easier to keep in touch, doesn't they?


Obviously "That Person" must have read a blog or two to have an opinion. Maybe she has a bit of the green monster in her and hasn't a thing to write about herself?? Sisterhood, brotherhood, friendships, inspiration, encouragement, sharing, sense of accomplishment and even pride; many reasons to blog and I find the knitters I have met are the most wonderful, caring, witty people. I feel lucky to have had this 'blogging' opportunity, to "meet" such wonderful people. I think I just might plan ahead for a huge Bloggers Convention! Wouldn't that be a riot! We would all have to wear a t-shirt with a graphic of our Button on it and we would immediately recognize each other! What do you guys think of that idea? Minnesota in the fall is gorgeous and I know of a special lodge on the lake where we could hold it. There I go again... It could happen though, and That Person is not invited! You have a nice blog - keep it up!


I love the calling card idea. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era. But you summed it up perfectly.

oh- and i'm here to leave my new calling card... my knitblog URL has changed. it is now http://stellaland.typepad.com/knitblog/

Hope you'll call again soon!


What a perfect analogy of what we cyber-knitters do! I enjoy blogging immensely and also lurking and de-lurking on other sites as well. I've picked up great ideas, have met (sometimes in person) fun people and have expanded my creativity to new horizons.

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